Revo K2 Speaker Dock Is To Lust For

Revo's new K2 might be the most amazing digital radio speaker dock I've ever seen. Enclosed inside this aluminum and moulded rubber tower are a series of 4, 58mm Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Audium Class-D amplifiers for a room filing, 360 degree sound that is promised to have a clear and detailed high-end, rich tones and lets not forget the deep bass. In order to take control of the K2's features, a fully featured button control area is located at the top of the tower while a large OLED display helps you see what internet radio station you're listening to while the motorized dock slides out and enables docking for Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod. No word on if the K2 has any clock or alarm capabilities, though it's safe to assume that a clock interface is likely to be include in there somewhere. I know I would love to put that gorgeous white OLED display to good use any chance I get. 

The K2 isn't only capable of streaming internet radio but also supports other radio formats such as DAB, DAB+, FM and even integration. Other features the K2 boasts include an array of connection options like stereo RCA, LAN, digital optical out, Apple video out and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Revo's K2 speaker dock is WiFi enabled for wireless music streaming from any Mac or PC. Users will have access to a free iOS app made by Revo called RadioControl that acts as a remote control and also enables users to access their iTunes music library to wirelessly stream content to the K2 speaker dock.

The Revo K2 will be available worldwide on October 17 with a £299.95 price tag. No word on US pricing. This is one fully featured speaker dock any Apple enthusiast will surely fall in love with. Take that all you other plastic speaker docks!

Nir Schneider