Studio Neat Looks To Reinvent March Madness With It’s Simple Bracket iPhone App

The duo behind the Glif tripod mount for iPhone and the Cosmonaut stylus are back at Kickstarter again to raise funds for their new Simple Bracket App for the iPhone. Their goal with this project is to reinvent the way people fill out brackets for college basketball’s March Madness. For those unfamiliar, March Madness is a time every year in which 68 teams play in a single elimination tournament. Enthusiasts of the game will fill out brackets trying to predict which teams will continue on in the tournament, including the President

Simple Bracket works to redo the way brackets are filled out on smartphones by allowing the entire bracket to be viewed as one scrollable list instead of having it all fit onto a small screen. They also claim to use a better scoring system developed by a biostatistician that takes into account more refined statistics like team seed and chances of winning each round. Finally, it brings playing with friends into the digital age by pairing it up with your Twitter account. Funding will complete on March 5, 14 days before the tournament starts.