Phiaton Intros BT 460 Wireless Headphones & MS 300 BA In-Ear Headphones

Phiaton Intros BT 460 Wireless Headphones & MS 300 BA In-Ear Headphones

Phiaton has released two fresh new design to its line of premium audio offerings with the BT 460 wireless over-ear headphones and MS 300 BA in-ear headphones. Designed with a stylish, minimalistic exterior and innovative features that improve the listening experience, the new product introductions cater to young audio enthusiasts who appreciate style and performance.

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Spigen Intros Teka Aluminum In-Ear Headphones

If you like their protective smartphone and tablet cases, chances are that you'll also like their new in-ear headphones. That's right, Spigen's foray into the audio market is as real as it gets. Though for all we know these can simply be another rebranded pair of in-ears from an OEM. Not that it really matters as long as don't fall short. The Teka are Spigen's first Beats-inspired in-ear headphones crafted from aluminum with a wallet-friendly price tag. Like the Nocs NS500 Aluminum, the Teka's aluminum housing features diamond-cut chamfered edges, because we all know chamfered aluminum is really a must on anything that wants to look a bit more premium.

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SMS Audio Releases New Sport Line Of Headphones

SMS Audio has introduced the availability of its new Sport Collection of headphones featuring sweat-repelling nano technology in-ear and on-ear headphones designed for active lifestyle use. The new SYNC by 50 Wireless Sport on-ear headphones ($230) and the STREET by 50 Sport wired on-ear headphones ($180) are made using a durable rubberized material finish that SMS Audio is calling its 40U coating, which resists scratches, chipping as well as fingerprints. With an IPX4 rating, the SYNC and STREET Sport headphones are both sweat and water-proof thanks to a special nano-coating technology. Both of these headphones also have large, memory foam-padded Oval-Fit ear cushions covered with perforated leather for maximum comfort and breathability.

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Jabra Rox Wireless Is A Rugged, Low-Profile Bluetooth In-Ear Headset

Introduced late last year, Jabra's new Rox Wireless is one of the smallest and most lightweight wireless in-ear headphones that we have seen. And they're now available to purchase at Apple retail stores and online. The $130 wireless in-ear stereo headset was designed to withstand the abuse of your daily gym and active lifestyle grind whilst enabling you to listen to music and answer an incoming call without a cable running down your body, and having to touch your smartphone or iPod. The Rox Wireless features in-line remote for music playback control, a microphone designed to cancel background noise while you talk, and a rugged, water and sweat-resistant solid steel construction with built-in magnets that allow you to clip the two earbuds together around you neck while they automatically activate a power saving mode.  

Jabra has partnered with Dolby to enhance the Rox Wireless' audio using the Jabra Sound app to provide "a rich and immersive, full-spectrum sound experience that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music." But even without using the app, the Rox Wireless should deliver clear sound with a bass punch.

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a-Jays Five By JAYS Announced, In-Ears Designed Right

Renowned Swedish audio brand, JAYS, is finally back with a sequel to our much beloved a-Jays Four that we've reviewed back in 2011. The a-Jays Five are a totally new pair of in-ear headphones that have a durable one-piece rubberized construction that prevents cable strain, and which is also ergonomically shaped to fit the geometry of your ear canals. What's more, JAYS has improved its already incredible flat tangle-free audio cable which launched with the a-Jays series years ago with even more durability. And of course, the a-Jays Five feature redesigned custom JAYS drivers similar to those found in the a-Jays Four but "with powerful and precise bass but with even more dynamics and improved details in the midrange and highs".

Using a high performance MEMS technology, the microphone consists of an acoustic sensor, a low noise input buffer, and an output amplifier. The built-in echo cancellation makes the audio perfect in nearly all situations. It reduces surrounding noise and, best of all, unlike many other microphones, this one won’t degrade during time as it recharges the mic-magnets each time you connect your earphones to your phone.

JAYS wanted to bring compatibility of its award-winning, fully featured 3-button remote and mic with MEMS technology module to all popular smartphones and not just the iPhone this time. The a-Jays Five will be available in three models, each with its own custom 3-button remote and mic module designed to work specifically with either iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. JAYS also improved upon its a-Jays Four remote which we thought was one of the best control and mic combination ever put on a pair of headphones. The a-Jays Five's in-line remote module is now slimmer by 20%. JAYS has yet to announced an availability date, but one thing we now for sure is that the a-Jays Five will retail for $100/€90 in matte black and white. 

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Newly Redesigned Earphones Coming With The iPhone 5?

With all the leaks and rumors that have been creating huge hype around the iPhone 5 release, we practically already know everything that is waiting for us at Apple's keynote. What nobody has yet to mention are the ever-so-popular Apple earphones that have accompanied the iPhone since the very first generation... until now. 

Macrumors reports that a Vietnamese source called has provided images and details on the possible next generation Apple headphones. Moving away from the common earbud shapes that we have all grown accustomed to, Apple is heading towards a completely new design. The image above compares the newly redesigned earphones (left) with the old generation (right) that we have come to both hate and love. This source goes into further detail, claiming a Foxconn plant in Vietnam has been assembling these new earphones ahead of the September 12th event. 

While there have been no confirmation from other sources on the legitimacy of this rumor, the overall design and build quality reflects what Apple is known for. Whether or not this is simply another rumor or the real deal, we will just have to wait and see. 11 more days everybody! Catch the video overview after the break.

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Jays Release t-Jays Four Headset

JAYS has released yet another pair of in-ear headset called the t-Jays Four, and extending its line of quality headset offerings. The t-Jays Four set to bring the best sound quality out of them all with the same high quality, MEMS microphone and full-featured 3-button remote found on the a-Jays Four iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users will come to appreciate thanks to the metal band design. The t-Jays Four aren't built differently from the t-Jays Three we've reviewed and only bring remote and mic functionality that's fully compatible with iOS devices to the plate. The same 10mm TCD dynamic drivers, tangle-free cable and black matte coating are found on the t-Jays Four in-ear headset. It will be available in November for $129.