Newly Redesigned Earphones Coming With The iPhone 5?

With all the leaks and rumors that have been creating huge hype around the iPhone 5 release, we practically already know everything that is waiting for us at Apple's keynote. What nobody has yet to mention are the ever-so-popular Apple earphones that have accompanied the iPhone since the very first generation... until now. 

Macrumors reports that a Vietnamese source called has provided images and details on the possible next generation Apple headphones. Moving away from the common earbud shapes that we have all grown accustomed to, Apple is heading towards a completely new design. The image above compares the newly redesigned earphones (left) with the old generation (right) that we have come to both hate and love. This source goes into further detail, claiming a Foxconn plant in Vietnam has been assembling these new earphones ahead of the September 12th event. 

While there have been no confirmation from other sources on the legitimacy of this rumor, the overall design and build quality reflects what Apple is known for. Whether or not this is simply another rumor or the real deal, we will just have to wait and see. 11 more days everybody! Catch the video overview after the break.

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