Phiaton Intros BT 460 Wireless Headphones & MS 300 BA In-Ear Headphones

Phiaton Intros BT 460 Wireless Headphones & MS 300 BA In-Ear Headphones

Phiaton has released two fresh new design to its line of premium audio offerings with the BT 460 wireless over-ear headphones and MS 300 BA in-ear headphones. Designed with a stylish, minimalistic exterior and innovative features that improve the listening experience, the new product introductions cater to young audio enthusiasts who appreciate style and performance.

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SMS Audio Releases New Sport Line Of Headphones

SMS Audio has introduced the availability of its new Sport Collection of headphones featuring sweat-repelling nano technology in-ear and on-ear headphones designed for active lifestyle use. The new SYNC by 50 Wireless Sport on-ear headphones ($230) and the STREET by 50 Sport wired on-ear headphones ($180) are made using a durable rubberized material finish that SMS Audio is calling its 40U coating, which resists scratches, chipping as well as fingerprints. With an IPX4 rating, the SYNC and STREET Sport headphones are both sweat and water-proof thanks to a special nano-coating technology. Both of these headphones also have large, memory foam-padded Oval-Fit ear cushions covered with perforated leather for maximum comfort and breathability.

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Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset By Monster, You'll Want A Pair

Nokia's well designed Purity HD headset just got a well deserved upgrade from cheeky to Pro. Nokia's latest attempt at making seriously good headphones with Monster is the result of the new Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset designed to fit Nokia's bold line of beautiful Lumia handsets. The difference in the Pro moniker is obviously a new wireless Bluetooth connectivity over the wired Purity HD model, but that's not all. The Purity Pro integrates NFC for quick tap to pair and features an over-ear design, active noise-cancellation with on-board music playback and call control buttons, a foldable construction for convenient carry and a standard 3.5mm detachable audio cable for when your battery runs.

You'll also find other small and helpful features like an automatic power-on feature when unfolding the headphones, and sensors that turn on the active noise-cancellation only when you wear the Purity Pro which will help conserve battery.

We understand that people want the best possible audio experience from a headset. When listening to music with the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, the ambient noise that surrounds most people in everyday life is cancelled out by the ANC. What you hear is just the music and nothing else – the way it should be. ANC only activates when your wearing the Purity Pro, thanks to one of the many sensors built into the headset. And in fact it activates on the moment you put the headset on. Not only is this great use of technology, but it also saves battery life, too – as does the ‘unfold to power on’ function.

And while the svelte glossy polycarbonate styling remained the same for the most part, the Purity Pro headphones have larger over-ear cups which aid in blocking out external noise and should be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Nokia says the color isn't a painted on finish but rather ingrained into the polycarbonate material so that scuffs and scratches will be less visible. Nokia's wireless pro cans are now available for a not so affordable $350 bucks compared to the $200 Purity HD - in black, red, yellow and white flavors. No cyan or magenta as a part of the new color scheme sadly.

Jarba Debuts Revo Wireless & Wired Headphones

Jabra is most known for its Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones, and today it has announced its new line of wired and wireless stereo on-ear headphones including a pair of in-ears for good measure. Jabra's Revo and Revo Wireless Bluetooth headphones both emphasis on durability and portability with a collapsible aluminum frame construction, steel hinges and a shatter-proof flexible headband. The Revo and Revo Wireless feature Dolby Digital Plus audio processing technology said to provide enhanced rich, full-spectrum sound.

The latest suite of stereo headphones will excite and impress pop and rock enthusiasts who want massive, high-definition sound clarity as well as serious jazz and classical audiophiles looking to take their favorite recordings to another level of performance and sophistication.

What sets the Revo Wireless apart from its corded sibling are the on-cup call and music playback controls using a "turntable touch control" surface and NFC integration for easy tap-to-pair. On the corded model, you'll have a fully featured 3-button remote and mic.

The small but tough Jabra Vox in-ear headphones are also built from premium materials, feature Dolby Digital Plus audio processing, come with tangle-free reinforced cables with in-line controls and mic, and are thoroughly tested for ultimate durability and performance. Jabra hasn't released any pricing details as of yet, but we know that its new line of headphones will be available in Q2.

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SMS Audio Opens Pre-Orders For SYNC And Street By 50 Headphones

SMS Audio has finally opened up the pre-ordering door to let eager 50 Cent hardcore fans hand over their hard earned cash for a pair of SMS By 50 headphones. You can now pre-order the Beats By Dr. Dre competitors - wired Street By 50 in both blue and black for $299.95 that feature an over-ear design, detachable tangle-free audio cable, ultra plush memory foam ear cushions and 40mm drivers for enhanced studio quality sound and of course enhanced bass. Can't get enough of that bass. 

And for the wireless folks, the SYNC By 50 headphones are also available to pre-order in both black and white for a cool $399.95 and also feature an over-ear design, wireless lossless audio quality with the ability to sync up to 4 pairs of headphones to a single audio source using the SYNC wireless adapter, full on-board music controls with bass boost (oh no, we hate bass boost!), passive noise-cancellation, built-in rechargeable battery and 40mm drivers. The SYNC By 50 headphones also include a detachable cable with an in-line mic for a wired connection. SMS Audio will start shipping within two weeks of placing your pre-order.

Beats Wireless Headphones Get Official, Beats Studio Get More Colors

Monster has announced of new color additions to its most popular over-ear headphones, the Beats By Dr. Dre Studio line of headphones. Orange, purple, pink, blue, green and silver colored limited edition Studio headphones will accompany the current black, white and red Studio lineup and will be available for $350, and expected to be available starting next week. It isn't clear to us why the silver Studio headphones are priced higher at $400 as they aren't made out of aluminum and have the same exact build as the rest of the Studio headphones but with a non-glossy finish. 

Besides splashing the Studio headphones in all the colors of the rainbow, the leaks have come true with the official announcement of the Beats Wireless on-ear headphones which are expected to hit stores next month for $330. The Beats Wireless headphones are in many ways just Solo headphones with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and on-board controls for music and calls. They'll have built-in long-lasting, rechargeable batteries which is an improvement over the Studio headphones. 

SMS By 50 Headphones Are 50 Cent's Latest Headphone Brand

Oh yes, 50 Cent is back with a brand new pair of headphones and brand name after breaking off the deal with Sleek Audio for unknown reasons. The new SMS By 50 is 50 Cent's new line of headphones that include both wired and wireless over-ear headphones with an almost identical swishy "s" logo the dead Sleek By 50 carbon fiber made headphones have had as well. The Sync By 50 headphones come with their own wireless adapter capable of streaming 16-bit lossless audio to up to 4 pairs of Sync headphones from a single audio source as well as a wired mic cable for non-wireless and headset use. The Sync headphones feature 40mm drivers, soft memory foam ear cushions, passive noise-cancellation, micro-USB rechargeable internal battery and on-board controls. 

The wired-only model have less of a shiny finish and have similar specs minus the wireless capabilities and on-board controls. Both headphones will be available in black and white starting November. No price has been released as of yet. SMS Audio apparently purchased headphone make Kono Audio back in August to help contribute to making the SMS By 50 line of headphones. Let's hope these actually see the light of day.

Nir Schneider