Monster Teams Up With UFC To Release Its Octagon Headphones

Monster is showcasing its new Octagon headphones at CES 2014, which Monster is releasing in partnership with UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship) as the organization's official headphones. The headphones are designed to be unforgettably bold, featuring DJ-style swiveling over-ear cups with plush padded cushions and a red or black matte finish. Monster's new Octagon headphones have what may seem like an ultra-durable metal part construction.

Inspired and worn by world-class UFC athletes such as UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, the Octagon headphones are designed to sustain the wear and tear of traveling and training. Features also include rotating ear cups, matte finish, and an ultra-durable construction.

They come included with a studio-type, detachable and anti-tangle coiled audio cable with an inline universal ControlTalk remote and mic module. Typical of Monster, no detailed specs were given regarding the Octagon's internal drivers. But the company says that its headphones feature Pure Monster Sound (whatever that means), and deep pounding bass. Classic Monster right there. They're available for pre-order right now for $280, and are expected to ship later this month. Batteries not required.

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Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset By Monster, You'll Want A Pair

Nokia's well designed Purity HD headset just got a well deserved upgrade from cheeky to Pro. Nokia's latest attempt at making seriously good headphones with Monster is the result of the new Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset designed to fit Nokia's bold line of beautiful Lumia handsets. The difference in the Pro moniker is obviously a new wireless Bluetooth connectivity over the wired Purity HD model, but that's not all. The Purity Pro integrates NFC for quick tap to pair and features an over-ear design, active noise-cancellation with on-board music playback and call control buttons, a foldable construction for convenient carry and a standard 3.5mm detachable audio cable for when your battery runs.

You'll also find other small and helpful features like an automatic power-on feature when unfolding the headphones, and sensors that turn on the active noise-cancellation only when you wear the Purity Pro which will help conserve battery.

We understand that people want the best possible audio experience from a headset. When listening to music with the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, the ambient noise that surrounds most people in everyday life is cancelled out by the ANC. What you hear is just the music and nothing else – the way it should be. ANC only activates when your wearing the Purity Pro, thanks to one of the many sensors built into the headset. And in fact it activates on the moment you put the headset on. Not only is this great use of technology, but it also saves battery life, too – as does the ‘unfold to power on’ function.

And while the svelte glossy polycarbonate styling remained the same for the most part, the Purity Pro headphones have larger over-ear cups which aid in blocking out external noise and should be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Nokia says the color isn't a painted on finish but rather ingrained into the polycarbonate material so that scuffs and scratches will be less visible. Nokia's wireless pro cans are now available for a not so affordable $350 bucks compared to the $200 Purity HD - in black, red, yellow and white flavors. No cyan or magenta as a part of the new color scheme sadly.

Monster Vektr On-Ear Headphones Are Designed By Diesel

Monster continues to impress us all with its uniquely designed headphones at CES 2012, this time its the Vektr headphones. Monster has teamed up with Diesel, not actor Van Diesel but the Italian fashion clothing brand, to create these trendy headphones that would go great with Batman's Tumbler tank. Sporting a rather industrialistic exterior, the Vektr are an on-ear pair of headphones that will set you back $250 - $280 and feature a silkscreen Mohican head on both ear cups which are tri-fold collapsible for portability, combined with touches of contrasting black, grey and brushed aluminum, as well as different finishes from shiny to rubberized matte.

Like all of Monster's recent releases, the Vektr headphones are equipped plush ear cups and flat tangle-free audio cable with in-line Control Talk remote and mic. Monster is expected to release its Vektr headphones by March. An in-ear version of the Vektr headphones are also expected to be released and will be priced at $150.

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Monster Inspiration Headphones Can Inspire Us All With Modern Beauty

After the recent news of Monster and Beats ending their partnership with one another, Monster looks like it is heading towards the right direction in terms of designing good looking headphones. Monster has revealed a few new headphones at CES 2012 including the Diamond Tears headphones that we've reported before Monster's own introduction. But Monster's Inspiration headphones have caught our attention more than anything else so far featuring a more robust exterior design than of its Nokia branded Purity HD headset headphones and Monster's iconic red and blue accents indicating left from right. 

These are also the company's first over-ear, active noise-canceling headphones. Monster's Inspiration headphones feature part metal construction for durability, detachable flat tangle-free cable, Control Talk in-line remote control and mic which is compatible with most smartphones, foldable design and include a hard shell case. The Inspiration headphones are said to deliver pure and powerful music reproduction, with a trendsetting “fashion-forward” twist interchangeable headbands in a multitude of different colors and materials. The bold new concept in headphone design lets users express themselves by changing headbands, transforming the entire look and feel to suit style preferences for any day, mood or occasion.

Available with either a titanium or pearl white finish, as well as a special Silver Limited Edition version, Inspiration over-ear headphones will begin shipping in spring for $279.95. Additionally, “Inspiration Lite” on-ear headphones will be available in June in pearl white for $229.95. The interchangeable headbands will be available separately, with eight different styles to choose from initially. Each band will cost $29.95.

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Monster & Beats End Their Expensive Relationship

Monster has officially announced the end of its partnership with Beats audio. Until today, Monster has been manufacturing Beats audio products and has had a hand in the design under a licence agreement with Beats, but due to disputes over financial terms and credit, will no longer manufacture Beats products. The Beats brand is part owned by Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen records Chairman Jimmy Lavine, and only last year acquired by HTC to be put into good use in their smartphones and other gadgets. Monster already has a strong presence in the headphone market with its own gear and will continue to build the Monster brand with newly released offerings that have been revealed at CES 2012, and at more affordable price points than its now rival, Beats audio.

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Monster's Unreleased Diamond Tears & Tranquility Headphones Leaked

Monster has quite a few unreleased headphones under its belt that were kept under wraps for months until now. We managed to discover two unreleased and unannounced headphones that are said to see the light of day this year. Last time is was the Beats Executive headphones, and now Diamond Tears and Tranquility headphones. Apparently Monster has collaborated with JYP Entertainment, a popular Asian pop record label to introduce a pair of noise-cancelling on-ear headphones called Diamond Tears. These are as over the top styled as Monster's Tron headphones with a unique, jewelry-like clear crystal design with tangle-free cable, foldable ear cup design and are said to have super accurate and detailed sound reproduction. 

Next up is Monster's titanium colored Tranquility headphones that have an over-ear design and described to have superior audiophile sound quality. The Tranquility headphones feature sound-isolating ear cups, dual input and output plugs, external active noise-cancellation with a built-in rechargeable battery and a fold flat to fit inside the included carrying case. Obviously we don't have an official release date, but we do know that the Diamond Tears headphones are expected to be sold at $250 while the Tranquility headphones will sell for $400.

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Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset Headphones By Monster Announced

HTC got the Beats, and now Nokia and Monster partnered up to make new on-ear headphones together called the Purity HD Stereo Headset By Monster to go along with Nokia's new shiny Lumia 800 smartphone. The Purity HD headphones will come with two, flat tangle-free audio cabled boasting ControlTalk which will make the Purity HD's headset capabilities compatible with all Nokia and Windows Phone smartphones. We don't know much about Nokia and Monster's newly announced pair of headphones other than you'll be able to pick up a pair in blue, black, pink and white colors with a shiny, scratch-resistant finish. Video after the break.

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