Monster Inspiration Headphones Can Inspire Us All With Modern Beauty

After the recent news of Monster and Beats ending their partnership with one another, Monster looks like it is heading towards the right direction in terms of designing good looking headphones. Monster has revealed a few new headphones at CES 2012 including the Diamond Tears headphones that we've reported before Monster's own introduction. But Monster's Inspiration headphones have caught our attention more than anything else so far featuring a more robust exterior design than of its Nokia branded Purity HD headset headphones and Monster's iconic red and blue accents indicating left from right. 

These are also the company's first over-ear, active noise-canceling headphones. Monster's Inspiration headphones feature part metal construction for durability, detachable flat tangle-free cable, Control Talk in-line remote control and mic which is compatible with most smartphones, foldable design and include a hard shell case. The Inspiration headphones are said to deliver pure and powerful music reproduction, with a trendsetting “fashion-forward” twist interchangeable headbands in a multitude of different colors and materials. The bold new concept in headphone design lets users express themselves by changing headbands, transforming the entire look and feel to suit style preferences for any day, mood or occasion.

Available with either a titanium or pearl white finish, as well as a special Silver Limited Edition version, Inspiration over-ear headphones will begin shipping in spring for $279.95. Additionally, “Inspiration Lite” on-ear headphones will be available in June in pearl white for $229.95. The interchangeable headbands will be available separately, with eight different styles to choose from initially. Each band will cost $29.95.

Nir Schneider