HTC Partners Up With Beats By Dr. Dre, Sounds Good

Big news today as HTC announced its partnership and 51% stake acquisition of Beats Electronics, the company responsible for that sleek Beats By Dr. Dre line of most wanted headphones, and more recently speakers docks worldwide. Full details are yet to be announced as to what exactly this partnership will bring to the table, and most importantly to the consumers. It's very safe to say that we're going to see HTC incorporating Beats By Dr. Dre speakers in their well made handsets in the very near future just like HP has done with their Beats branded laptops.

HTC could have a big advantage over competitors if it will use the Beats audio in their handsets or even offer bundles that include a Beats branded headset along with a handset. Expect to see a whole lot of HTC smartphones in music videos.

Nir Schneider