JBL Reveals Unique Spark, Pebbles Speakers

JBL has debuted two new radically designed speakers today at IFA 2013 in Berlin. JBL's $129 Spark is a swanky wireless, cone-shaped indoor speaker with a bright colorful translucent enclosure that features two high-performance 40mm audio drivers for room-filling stereo sound output as well as a "tuned" bass port which JBL suggests results in a "crisp, clean, high-end, sound with a warm, rich bass response in a versatile shape that you can take anywhere." With a compact size and a 7" diameter cone, the Spark's megaphone-inspired unique design also allows it to be hanged on a wall or placed on a table as you wirelessly stream your music using a Bluetooth connection. JBL's Spark includes a stainless steel hanging hook and a fabric cord with inline controls - we didn't expect to find that on a wireless speaker that's for sure. No cool lighting effects unfortunately.

On the other hand, JBL's affordably priced Pebbles is an actual desktop computer stereo speaker system consisting of two left and right speakers rather than a single portable speaker you can travel with. The Pebbles speaker system is USB powered and connected featuring a sharp looking rounded design with an upright standing form factor. They feature dual 50mm audio drivers that deliver "best-in-class natural sound, with clarity in the high end and deep, sonorous bass", a brushed radial metal-accented rotating volume control dial on the side, built-in cable management and an auxiliary 3.5mm audio input for a broader device connectivity.

JBL's Pebbles speaker system will be available in multiple color choices for $59. No official release date has been announced for either speakers, but we're sure they'll hit retail shelves later this month.

Satechi Dual Sonic Speakers Enhance Your Mac's Audio Without Costing Much

Satechi recently introduced the Dual Sonic Speakers, an inexpensive USB-powered 3 watt compact desktop speaker setup for people on a tight budget and limited space. With a sleek blue LED accent lightning and a brushed metal finish, the Dual Sonic Speakers feature an Acoustic Air Spring technology claiming to produce crystal clear sound with increased dynamic bass, mids and highs. Satechi's Dual Sonic Speakers are available now in silver or black for $25.

Nir Schneider


Transparent Speaker Is Transparent

People People, a unique Swedish startup, is planning on bringing its new home audio system into your living room without clogging up your view of things. As the name implies, People People's Transparent Speaker is a speaker system designed with a see-thru glass housing giving you the opportunity to enjoy the inner workings and the environment behind it. Inside, the Transparent Speaker features high-end hardware like a 6.5-inch subwoofer with an amplifier, two 3-inch full range drivers and a machined aluminum control panel complete with treble, bass and volume adjustment knobs. The Transparent Speaker is Swedish design and simplicity as its finest.

While you can plug in your audio source via two standard 1/8" and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs, there's also a USB port for hooking up a Bluetooth dongle if you'd like to go wireless. There's even a special slot that can house an Apple Airport Express for superior AirPlay music streaming over a WiFi network. People People's minimalist Transparent Speaker will come in either a complete and fully assembled package for $490, as well as in a do-it-yourself kit which you will need to put together yourself Ikea style, for $360. You'll also need to supply your own glass panels to make up the speaker housing which is kind of a deal breaker unless you're into the whole DIY thing. The Transparent Speaker can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

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Marshall Hanwell Speaker Makes Its Debut


You can't talk about guitar amps without mentioning Marshall. The iconic white on black Marshall amp is making its way into the home audio lifestyle. Marshall Headphones in partner with Marshall Amplification have announced of the Hanwell, the company's first home speaker designed after Marshall's iconic classic concert amps. The Hanwell will feature retro golden colored analog volume, bass and treble knob adjustments and switches with a pair of long-throw woofers and a set of dual hi-fi tweeters housed in a black vinyl wrapped wooden cabinet.

Marshall's Hanwell hi-fi speaker will include a coiled audio cable and will go on sale in November for an undisclosed amount.

Nir Schneider


Edifier Releases Their Unique Spinnaker Speakers

Global leading audio designer Edifer has recently introduced their flagship Bluetooth speaker systems that take on a very odd and innovative shape. Inspired by the sails normally found on sailboats, Edifier has taken the concept and transformed it into something much more. Designed for optimal sound, the Spinnaker directs sound towards the listener for a high quality experience. Coming in at a respectable 16.5" tall, these speakers are equipped for crystal clear audio. With forward facing tweeters, mid-range drivers, and a downwards facing bass driver, these two speakers will constantly pummel you with powerful sound. 

With the help from its sail-like shape, the Spinnaker delivers lifelike and accurate sound quality that isn't muffled and distorted by enclosure vibrations. Featuring Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy your tunes without the bothersome cables and cords. If you were to choose to, there are also additional auxillary as well as optical inputs to fit anybody's home theatre needs. Combined with tri-amp technology for improved power and dynamics, the Spinnaker is willing to offer it all.

The Edifier Spinnaker is available in both black and burgandy colors for $350 on their website. 

Libratone Debuts AirPlay Enabled Lounge & Live Speakers

Amongst the sea of AirPlay enabled audio speakers and docks, the European high-end sound systems makers Libartone has announced a few of its own gorgeous and well designed AirPlay enabled wireless speakers with simplistic Scandinavian design and made from hand picked materials that include Italian cashmere, wool, satin plated chrome and wood. Libratone is releasing both of its AirPlay boasting Lounge and Live wireless speakers in the US for all to enjoy state-of-the-art sound and stream their music thru iTunes on a Mac or PC as well as any iOS device over a WiFi network. The Libratone Lounge is geared towards living in your living room space and can be hooked up to your TV for a 360 degree Hi-Fi sound experience.

Libratone's smaller and more portable Live speaker also utilizes Libratone's FullRoom technology found in the Lounge speaker to output sound in a 360 degree angle. Both Live and Lounge are available now in a variety of colors for $699 and $1,299, while you should expect to drop more for the cashmere models.

Nir Schneider