Edifier Releases Their Unique Spinnaker Speakers

Global leading audio designer Edifer has recently introduced their flagship Bluetooth speaker systems that take on a very odd and innovative shape. Inspired by the sails normally found on sailboats, Edifier has taken the concept and transformed it into something much more. Designed for optimal sound, the Spinnaker directs sound towards the listener for a high quality experience. Coming in at a respectable 16.5" tall, these speakers are equipped for crystal clear audio. With forward facing tweeters, mid-range drivers, and a downwards facing bass driver, these two speakers will constantly pummel you with powerful sound. 

With the help from its sail-like shape, the Spinnaker delivers lifelike and accurate sound quality that isn't muffled and distorted by enclosure vibrations. Featuring Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy your tunes without the bothersome cables and cords. If you were to choose to, there are also additional auxillary as well as optical inputs to fit anybody's home theatre needs. Combined with tri-amp technology for improved power and dynamics, the Spinnaker is willing to offer it all.

The Edifier Spinnaker is available in both black and burgandy colors for $350 on their website.