Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset By Monster, You'll Want A Pair

Nokia's well designed Purity HD headset just got a well deserved upgrade from cheeky to Pro. Nokia's latest attempt at making seriously good headphones with Monster is the result of the new Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset designed to fit Nokia's bold line of beautiful Lumia handsets. The difference in the Pro moniker is obviously a new wireless Bluetooth connectivity over the wired Purity HD model, but that's not all. The Purity Pro integrates NFC for quick tap to pair and features an over-ear design, active noise-cancellation with on-board music playback and call control buttons, a foldable construction for convenient carry and a standard 3.5mm detachable audio cable for when your battery runs.

You'll also find other small and helpful features like an automatic power-on feature when unfolding the headphones, and sensors that turn on the active noise-cancellation only when you wear the Purity Pro which will help conserve battery.

We understand that people want the best possible audio experience from a headset. When listening to music with the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, the ambient noise that surrounds most people in everyday life is cancelled out by the ANC. What you hear is just the music and nothing else – the way it should be. ANC only activates when your wearing the Purity Pro, thanks to one of the many sensors built into the headset. And in fact it activates on the moment you put the headset on. Not only is this great use of technology, but it also saves battery life, too – as does the ‘unfold to power on’ function.

And while the svelte glossy polycarbonate styling remained the same for the most part, the Purity Pro headphones have larger over-ear cups which aid in blocking out external noise and should be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Nokia says the color isn't a painted on finish but rather ingrained into the polycarbonate material so that scuffs and scratches will be less visible. Nokia's wireless pro cans are now available for a not so affordable $350 bucks compared to the $200 Purity HD - in black, red, yellow and white flavors. No cyan or magenta as a part of the new color scheme sadly.

Going Deep: A Look At Nokia's Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been around for years, but it never really got adopted quite as well as what Nokia has done with its new line of Lumia smartphones and accompanied wireless charging accessories. Nokia's brilliant new convenient wireless charging accessories have an ultra-modern, innovative design to fit the style sense of the Lumia series. We really love what we're seeing out of Nokia. Bright, vibrant colors and sleek, shiny plastic seems to be "in" right now. Nokia made wireless charging so fascinating with good design. Take the Lumia 820, Lumia 920 or the wireless charging enabled Luna headset, and use one of Nokia's four different charging pads in various shapes and sizes to rid of your daily cable plugging routine.


The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 comes in five, Lumia matching colors and sports a sleek, 11mm thick low-profile design with a white LED charging indicator. All it does is charge and look pretty.

Nokia's second wireless charger is more of a giant mat in comparison. The Fatboy Recharge Pillow DT-901 is a nylon fabric pillow of a wireless charging pad that does exactly what the Charging Plate does, except it offers a bit more roof for when you get home all tired, and carelessly throw your Lumia on it to charge. You really can't miss it. Nokia's Recharge Pillow DT-901 is designed by Fatboy pillows and will also be available in multiple colors of course.

There's more Nokia wireless charging accessory goodness after the cut!

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Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headsets Upgraded With Wireless Charging

Nokia has revealed a new version of its NFC-enabled Luna Bluetooth headset which will now support wireless charging like the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 handsets. It's as simple as placing the Luna while its docked in the portable charging cradle on top of one of Nokia's new Qi-compatible wireless charging pads in order to instantly begin charging both the headset and the cradle. The wireless charging Luna headset will be available in five, Lumia matching colors presumably at around $80. Nokia is yet to official announce the price and availability. Check out Nokia's up beat demo video of how it all comes together after the jump.

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Nokia's Lumia 920 Gets A Wireless Charging Pad

In recent Nokia leaks over the weekend, evleaks's exclusive scoop is of Nokia's soon-to-be-announced, super sleek new Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and of its charging accessory companion what looks to be an inductive Charging Pad for wireless charging. Now that's what we call effortless charging. Nokia and Microsoft are expected to hold a Windows Phone press event this Wednesday, September 5. 


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Nokia Teams Up With JBL, Announce PlayUp Portable Speaker

Nokia and JBL have teamed up and jointly co-developed an exclusive line of audio accessories which include these mug-shaped wireless speakers said to deliver room-filling acoustics with a dynamic design, clearly inspired by Nokia's Lumia handset. The JBL PlayUp Portable by Nokia is the first product to be announced today at IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. It features NFC technology for seamless tap-to-pair Bluetooth pairing, a replaceable and rechargeable battery that's good for more than a whopping 10 hours of continues music streaming, durable double-shot plastic body design, 3.5mm audio input and a room-filling, 360-degree firing speaker. Surprisingly enough, we haven't heard a word on any speakphone functionality.

The PlayUp Portable is a unique speaker delivering crystal clear sound. With underlying JBL technology that delivers exceptional dynamics, natural tonal balance, clarity and spatial definition, the PlayUp Portable conveys every sonic nuance of the original recording. It comes with a specially designed bass port which acts as a woofer, ensuring incredible low end sound with minimal audible air turbulence. The PlayUp Portable has a maximum output of 89dB, making it suitable for use outdoors or in any modern indoor interior.

The PlayUp Portable speaker will be available later this year for 149 euros, and will come in cyan, white, black and bright yellow colors.

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The Best Nokia Lumia 900 Cases Rundown

Welcome to yet another installment of the Gadgetmac Guide! Just got yourself a beautiful Nokia Lumia 900? If you're paranoid about keeping it that way, we're thrilled to point you to the right direction so you can best protect your beautiful Windows Phone behemoth with some of the best cases we've found. The full Nokia Lumia 900 case rundown awaits you right after the jump!

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Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset Headphones By Monster Announced

HTC got the Beats, and now Nokia and Monster partnered up to make new on-ear headphones together called the Purity HD Stereo Headset By Monster to go along with Nokia's new shiny Lumia 800 smartphone. The Purity HD headphones will come with two, flat tangle-free audio cabled boasting ControlTalk which will make the Purity HD's headset capabilities compatible with all Nokia and Windows Phone smartphones. We don't know much about Nokia and Monster's newly announced pair of headphones other than you'll be able to pick up a pair in blue, black, pink and white colors with a shiny, scratch-resistant finish. Video after the break.

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