The Best Nokia Lumia 900 Cases Rundown

Welcome to yet another installment of the Gadgetmac Guide! Just got yourself a beautiful Nokia Lumia 900? If you're paranoid about keeping it that way, we're thrilled to point you to the right direction so you can best protect your beautiful Windows Phone behemoth with some of the best cases we've found. The full Nokia Lumia 900 case rundown awaits you right after the jump!


Here's a few solid protective cases to start with - Case-Mate has released some of its best selling iPhone cases for Nokia's new Lumia 900 Windows Phone behemoth including the Barely There, Phantom and Tough cases. The Barely There (right) is the slimmest and lightweight amongst the three, a case made out of an impact-resistant hard plastic shell that covers up the back and sides for moderate protection.

The Phantom case (left) offers the most extreme drop protection at a bulky price with its two-piece design that consists of a snap-on front frame protecting the screen side and a multi-layer material construction for added grip and impact protection.

Case-Mate's Tough case (center) is yet another drop protective case with hybrid construction offering a grippy hard polycarbonate outer shell with a soft, silicone inner layer that'll keep your Lumia 900 safe without much bulk. The Barely There case for the Lumia 900 is available now in three colors for $25 - the Phantom case in black and white for $50, and the Tough case will be available soon for $35.

For those who prefer to keep everything they need in one place, the Covert wallet case keeps a good looking low-profile and can store a couple of credit cards or a few bills together with the Lumia 900. The Covert is made out of faux leather with a snap-on plastic housing shell to protect the Lumia 900 with full access to all ports and buttons as well as a cutout for the back camera and flash. The Covert wallet case can be found in multiple colors and at only $9.95, this is a cheap well rounded wallet case.

Incipio doesn't have much to offer, but its NGP soft shell case for the Lumia 900 is a good affordable protective case that's made out of a semi-rigid high-density polymer material for moderate shock absorption, and a soft-touch matte finished exterior for grip. The NGP case comes with a screen protector in three colors for $19.99.

Nokia's own Soft Cover CC-1037 hard shell snap-on covers insure that your Lumia 900 remains looking true to its design in the slimmest possible way. These covers are slim, flexible and offer a true snug fit with easy access to all ports, buttons and of course the back facing camera and flash. The Soft Cover CC-1037 has a smooth, soft-touch finish and comes in four vibrant colors for $20.

Nir Schneider