Type In The Dark With Zagg's Latest iPad Keyboard

Since the release of the iPad, accessor makers have been cramming to get in on the iPad keyboard hype. There have been a huge number of iPad keyboards out on the market, ranging from the all-in-one case with keyboards to the solar powered keyboards by Logitech. All of these have their own unique features and functionalities, but the one issue that has yet to be resolved is lighting. 

Apple's entire Macbook lineup now features backlit keyboard to not only help with more accurate typing in dimly lit workplaces, but it also serves as an aescetically pleasing function as well. Now, Zagg has released their solution to your problem. During the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Zagg revealed the Pro Plus. It features all the features that you'd expect from iPad keyboard cases nowadays: built-in batteries, magnetic sleep and wake functions, and best of all, a backlit keyboard. 

Now you can type as much as you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want without having to worry about mistyping because you can't see your keys. However, this convenience will cost you $130 dollars to enjoy. They will begin shipping by the end of September. 

Nokia Teams Up With JBL, Announce PlayUp Portable Speaker

Nokia and JBL have teamed up and jointly co-developed an exclusive line of audio accessories which include these mug-shaped wireless speakers said to deliver room-filling acoustics with a dynamic design, clearly inspired by Nokia's Lumia handset. The JBL PlayUp Portable by Nokia is the first product to be announced today at IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. It features NFC technology for seamless tap-to-pair Bluetooth pairing, a replaceable and rechargeable battery that's good for more than a whopping 10 hours of continues music streaming, durable double-shot plastic body design, 3.5mm audio input and a room-filling, 360-degree firing speaker. Surprisingly enough, we haven't heard a word on any speakphone functionality.

The PlayUp Portable is a unique speaker delivering crystal clear sound. With underlying JBL technology that delivers exceptional dynamics, natural tonal balance, clarity and spatial definition, the PlayUp Portable conveys every sonic nuance of the original recording. It comes with a specially designed bass port which acts as a woofer, ensuring incredible low end sound with minimal audible air turbulence. The PlayUp Portable has a maximum output of 89dB, making it suitable for use outdoors or in any modern indoor interior.

The PlayUp Portable speaker will be available later this year for 149 euros, and will come in cyan, white, black and bright yellow colors.

Nir Schneider


Philips & O'Neill Announce Refreshed The Stretch Scratch, The Bend Headphones

It's that time of the year again where Philips are refreshing their line of super flexible and durable line of headphones. Philips has announced at IFA of a newly refreshed pair of headphones called The Stretch Scratch, which are over-ear headphones featuring the same good old TR55LX headband that is super flexible not even Snooki can break. We've reviewed the very first model of Philips O'Neill mashup that are The Stretch headphones a while back and can attest to their super durability and great sound quality. The new The Stretch Scratch headphones are said to have 40mm drivers for deep bass and clear dynamic sound quality and anti-tangle, detachable cables.

With that, Philips has also released another pair of headphones called The Bend. The Bend are on-ear headphones with 30mm drivers that deliver deep, dynamic bass inside a super tough construction with a headband made from the same exact materials used to make snow goggles for that extra toughness. Toughness and durability seems like the most important aspect to Philips in their line of headphones. Both the The Stretch Scratch and The Bend headphones will be available in various different colors. No release date or pricing has been announced as of yet.

Nir Schneider