Type In The Dark With Zagg's Latest iPad Keyboard

Since the release of the iPad, accessor makers have been cramming to get in on the iPad keyboard hype. There have been a huge number of iPad keyboards out on the market, ranging from the all-in-one case with keyboards to the solar powered keyboards by Logitech. All of these have their own unique features and functionalities, but the one issue that has yet to be resolved is lighting. 

Apple's entire Macbook lineup now features backlit keyboard to not only help with more accurate typing in dimly lit workplaces, but it also serves as an aescetically pleasing function as well. Now, Zagg has released their solution to your problem. During the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Zagg revealed the Pro Plus. It features all the features that you'd expect from iPad keyboard cases nowadays: built-in batteries, magnetic sleep and wake functions, and best of all, a backlit keyboard. 

Now you can type as much as you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want without having to worry about mistyping because you can't see your keys. However, this convenience will cost you $130 dollars to enjoy. They will begin shipping by the end of September.