Beats Wireless Headphones Get Official, Beats Studio Get More Colors

Monster has announced of new color additions to its most popular over-ear headphones, the Beats By Dr. Dre Studio line of headphones. Orange, purple, pink, blue, green and silver colored limited edition Studio headphones will accompany the current black, white and red Studio lineup and will be available for $350, and expected to be available starting next week. It isn't clear to us why the silver Studio headphones are priced higher at $400 as they aren't made out of aluminum and have the same exact build as the rest of the Studio headphones but with a non-glossy finish. 

Besides splashing the Studio headphones in all the colors of the rainbow, the leaks have come true with the official announcement of the Beats Wireless on-ear headphones which are expected to hit stores next month for $330. The Beats Wireless headphones are in many ways just Solo headphones with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and on-board controls for music and calls. They'll have built-in long-lasting, rechargeable batteries which is an improvement over the Studio headphones. 

Beats Wireless, First Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

Looks like Monster finally decided to out some wireless headphones after all. The FCC just approved what will be the newest addition to the Beats By Dr. Dre lineup called the Beats Wireless. The Beats Wireless headphones look like they are a mix of the Studio and the Solo HD mixed into one. They'll be Bluetooth enabled and have features such as headset capabilities with side controls to let you answer calls and control your music playback. Gone are the replaceable batteries that were used to power up the active noise-cancellation, the Beats Wireless will have a built-in rechargeable battery. Will we see these being bundled up with some HTC handsets in the future? After all, HTC didn't purchase the Beats By Dr. Dre brand for no reason. We're expecting to see these being released very soon for a heft price tag as usual. 

Nir Schneider