SMS By 50 Headphones Are 50 Cent's Latest Headphone Brand

Oh yes, 50 Cent is back with a brand new pair of headphones and brand name after breaking off the deal with Sleek Audio for unknown reasons. The new SMS By 50 is 50 Cent's new line of headphones that include both wired and wireless over-ear headphones with an almost identical swishy "s" logo the dead Sleek By 50 carbon fiber made headphones have had as well. The Sync By 50 headphones come with their own wireless adapter capable of streaming 16-bit lossless audio to up to 4 pairs of Sync headphones from a single audio source as well as a wired mic cable for non-wireless and headset use. The Sync headphones feature 40mm drivers, soft memory foam ear cushions, passive noise-cancellation, micro-USB rechargeable internal battery and on-board controls. 

The wired-only model have less of a shiny finish and have similar specs minus the wireless capabilities and on-board controls. Both headphones will be available in black and white starting November. No price has been released as of yet. SMS Audio apparently purchased headphone make Kono Audio back in August to help contribute to making the SMS By 50 line of headphones. Let's hope these actually see the light of day.

Nir Schneider