Wally. A Reimagined iPhone Wallet.

Don’t like carrying so much in your pockets when you go out? Look to the Wally iPhone wallet to help you out. Most iPhone cases on the market that dual function as a wallet are bulky and limit access to your phone. Wally is a slim, stick-on leather pocket that fits on the back of your iPhone via micro suction instead of glue or magnets. It uses a discreet pull-tab to accommodate 3 cards and is handcrafted with premium Italian leather in the USA. The Wally comes in black and brown and works for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Funding is already at more than double the original goal and starts at $40 on Kickstarter.

AL13, The Nicest iPhone 5 Bumper Case You’ve Ever Seen

Purchasing the iPhone is an easy buy with it’s slick design, speedy software, and quality build, but It’s figuring out which case you want that takes the longest. All inclusive cases are usually bulky and expensive. Want something with a minimalist design? Say goodbye to protection. For those who have been looking for that perfect balance, look no further than the AL13 by “designed by m.”

Creators of the AL13 were looking for a sleek and high quality iPhone bumper case but could never find something that fit their needs. Cases were either too cheap in material and build quality or overly expensive and unaffordable. They decided that if they couldn’t find it on the market, they would craft it themselves. Welcome the AL13. The case features an aerospace aluminum build with rubber bumper interiors to keep your iPhone scratch free. It uses a slide cover so putting it on is super simple. It weighs less than 16 grams and comes with an anodized finish in red, black, silver and a special Kickstarter green. If Apple put in as much work into their iPhone bumper cases as they did their computers and tablets, this is what it would look like.

Be the envy of all your friends. Support designed by m and see to it that you get yourself the only case you’ll ever need. The goal of $20,000 has been reached but you’ve still got time to pick up a case before it retails for $79.99 in April. The early adopter price of $45 is not available anymore but you can still pre-order one for $55 and if you’re looking for the special edition green case, it’ll be $10 more.

Canopy Sensus Touch Sensitive iPhone 5 Case

CES 2013 is fast approaching, and it'll bring a massive burst of innovative new gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Canopy is planning on revealing its new iPhone case at the giant international consumer electronics event in Las Vegas on January 6. Canopy's smart iPhone 5 case is taking a step further instead of simply offering protection.

The Sensus is a smart touch sensitive iPhone 5 case that essentially adds a capacitive multi-touch touch sensitive back and right side (or top side if held in landscape orientation) surface areas to the iPhone. Why? The Sensus is designed to help you avoid touching your screen by re-routing the on-screen controls over to the case itself. Kind of like a the PlayStation Vita. And in return, you gain full screen real estate and a fingerprint-free display. The trouble is, the Sensus' customizable touch sensitive controls will depend on the compatibility of certain apps as there is no native iOS support for such features.

Nir Schneider


Extremely Unique HyperGrip iPhone 5 Case

We're super excited each time we manage to find a very unique iPhone 5 case that's designed like never before. It's refreshing to say the least. The HyperGrip case for the iPhone 5 by Musubo is one unique looking case. The design mimics the wrapped handle of a tennis bat which of course means this case is all about giving you a bunch of tactile grip and extreme, sporty style. The HyperGrip case is made from durable silicone with what looks like a glossy hard, polycarbonate mid-band that adds a contrasting color as well as additional support and protection. Musubo is known for its wild and unique case designs, and this is no exception. You can grab the HyperGrip case for $30, and it's available in five colors.

Nir Schneider