Canopy Sensus Touch Sensitive iPhone 5 Case

CES 2013 is fast approaching, and it'll bring a massive burst of innovative new gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Canopy is planning on revealing its new iPhone case at the giant international consumer electronics event in Las Vegas on January 6. Canopy's smart iPhone 5 case is taking a step further instead of simply offering protection.

The Sensus is a smart touch sensitive iPhone 5 case that essentially adds a capacitive multi-touch touch sensitive back and right side (or top side if held in landscape orientation) surface areas to the iPhone. Why? The Sensus is designed to help you avoid touching your screen by re-routing the on-screen controls over to the case itself. Kind of like a the PlayStation Vita. And in return, you gain full screen real estate and a fingerprint-free display. The trouble is, the Sensus' customizable touch sensitive controls will depend on the compatibility of certain apps as there is no native iOS support for such features.

Nir Schneider