What If HTC's One Was Actually Apple's iPhone 6

HTC's One is undisputedly the best looking Android handset of the year, arguably borrowing a lot from Apple's unique design language and iconic build quality etiquette. Any iPhone user wouldn't be ashamed in admitting he or she would love to own one if only it were running iOS instead of Android. And that got us thinking, what would it be like if the HTC One was actually Apple's next generation iPhone? It would have been a marvelous 4.7-inch device running a totally revamped iOS 7, a truly reimagined iPhone built from the ground up with refreshing new features, and less of an iPhone circa 2007 influence to restrict innovation from moving forward.

In other words, we iOS users hope that Apple would take note of HTC's brilliant design and that includes simple things like a front-facing speaker, because there's an awful lot of tempting competition quickly rising which will turn many bored consumers over to the Green Side, or at least for a little while.

Now that HTC stepped up its game, we bet Apple is feeling the pressure from its customers and rivals like Samsung and HTC. The expectations for the iPhone 6 are extremely high. But until then, there is no doubt that we will see an iPhone 5S before any sort of breakthrough iPhone steps into fruition.

Nir Schneider