Kickstarter Launches iPhone App

As a creative outlet for people to help fund and follow new projects, Kickstarter has finally released a full featured iPhone App. As soon as you open it, you are presented with three options in Discover, Activity, and Profile. Discover lets you find new projects using a variety of search functions including: Staff Picks, Popular, and by category. If you like something you see, clicking on the project will show you a description, video, and pledge information. Activity will allow you to track the projects you have backed and inform you of updates to them. The Profile tab will allow you see the projects you have you backed, past and present, and allow you to make changes to your profile. Overall, the app is simple and streamlined yet full featured enough to allow you to use it without having to sacrifice any facet of the website. Kickstarer for iPhone is free now on the App Store.

Highly Anticipated Email Management App, Mailbox, Arrives In The App Store

Email is an old medium that Orchestra has decided to overhaul in their new iPhone App, Mailbox. Using intuitive hand gestures, you can quickly go through your email by just swiping across the screen. A quick swipe to the right archives your message while a longer slide deletes your message. Scan an email chain quickly with a conversation like view or snooze an email with a tap of a button. The snooze feature allows you to take care of an email at a later time with options for later that day, tomorrow, or even the weekend. When you have checked all your email for the time being, it will leave your screen empty, creaing a clean and zero inbox. Due to the high demand however, there is currently a reservation system in place which queues you behind other users who have requested an invite. The app is available now on the App Store for free.

Kuvva, Your Personal Wallpaper Carousel

Never worry about having to search for wallpaper with Kuvva, a Mac application that automatically updates your wallpaper. Photos are submitted by artists and are presented at the highest quality. You can browse through an artists other work on the Kuvva website and find out more information about them.The Mac application installs on the menu bar like so:


With the app, you can set it to show wallpaper for a featured artist or what is most popular. It also allows you to view the previous wallpaper and skip to the next one. If you decide to sign up for an account, you can set it to scroll through the wallpapers you like and tweet about the current artist. Lastly, you can set your preference for how often Kuvva changes through wallpaper with settings for hourly, 12 hours, daily, weekly, and manual. Kuvva also has an iPhone app that allows you to view and save wallpaper from the website. Find it on the app store for $1.99.