Bem Wireless Speaker Trio System Splits Into Three Speakers

Bem Wireless wants to make your listening pleasure all the more convenient with its new Speaker Trio, a wireless speaker system that combines three individual wireless speakers you can place anywhere you'd like within a 120 feet (36.5 meters). The three speakers stream music wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection with a base station that also doubles as a wireless conductive charging bay. Yeah, no AirPlay with these. But you are going to pay $300 for the Speaker Trio. Each of the three 6-inch cube-shaped speakers features a soft-touch rubber finish, bottom glow lightning effect, touch-sensitive volume buttons and a 6 hour battery life. The Speaker Trio's base has a Bluetooth range distance of 25 feet (7.6 meters), and pairs up with your iOS device to stream music wirelessly which is played thru all three speakers simultaneously.

Bem Wireless claims its Speaker Trio speakers are capable of powerful sound with pounding beats, but we're going to remain skeptical about the sound quality these can actually produce in person. You can purchase the Speaker Trio starting today in black or white colors for $300. The company is also selling a smaller, portable version of its Speaker Trio as a 2.5" solo speaker called the Mobile Speaker - which is available in more vibrant colors for $100 each.