CST-1, The World's Thinnest E Ink Watch

E Ink has partnered with Central Standard Timing to release the world's thinnest E Ink watch destined to wrap around your wrist like a functional slap bracelet. At just 0.80mm, the CST-01's razer thin profile and feather-like lightness is achieved by laminating flexible components including an E Ink display into a thin single piece of stainless spring steel while leaving behind any buttons and knobs. It's so thin and sharp looking it could also make a name for its self as the world's most dangerous watch. Hopefully that's not the case.

Charging and setting the time is done thru an external base station. And because the E Ink display barely wastes any power, the CST-01 watch features an eco-friendly micro-energy battery cell by Thinergy which provides enough power to keep the watch working for a month after just a quick 10 minute charge on the included base. 

Central Stand Timing's minimalist CST-01 E Ink watch just launched on Kickstarter, and is now available to be pre-ordered in black and white colors starting at $129.

Nir Schneider


Ziiiro's Saturn Digital Watch Touches Down, Unique Mode Initiated

After a full year of development, Ziiiro has announced its first digital watch. Ziiiro's minimalist-minded Saturn watch features its signature stainless steel mesh strap, and a unique liquid crystal digital display with electroluminescence backlight. The Saturn displays time thru pure black segments giving it a very interesting and futuristic appearance. Ziiiro's analog watches were never designed with an ordinary easy to read watch face, and the Saturn's digital display isn't either. The hour can be deciphered from its outer ring of 12 segments and minute from inner ring of 60 segments. The Saturn is water-resistant and designed with a matte finished 45mm stainless steel casing and a hardened mineral display crystal. The Saturn is now available to pre-order for $230 in matte black, gunmetal and chrome. Pre-orders will start shipping on December 20.

Nir Schneider


Mutewatch Svart Special Designer Black Edition

The world's first multi-touch digital LED watch is getting a well deserved pampering by Swedish designer Jesper Nyren. The special edition Mutewatch Svart has a gold plated button clasp featuring Jesper Nyren's engraved kaleidoscopic pattern giving the Mutewatch Svart edition a jewelry touch. The Svart edition is also the first Mutewatch to come in a new deep black color with a hidden white LED multi-touch touchscreen display which will help make the white digits look more visible againt the black matte background compared to the still standing red, gray and white colors of the Mutewatch. It's available now for $299.

Nir Schneider


LunaTik Chicago Collection Turns Your iPod Nano Into A Classy Leather Timepiece

LunaTik has introduced a new line of classy wrist straps made for the iPod Nano 6 and 7-Gen called the Chicago Collection, a LunaTik aluminum iPod Nano housing that incorporates artesian-crafted leather wrist bands made by the Horween Leather Company. The Chicago Collection watch straps are made from top grain hide with accent stitching and lined with soft-touch suede for added comfort as oppose to LunaTik's original use of silicone rubber straps.

LunaTik's Chicago Collection is available in a Black Horween Chromoexcel Original pull-up leather as well as in a Dusty Oatmeal Horween Outrigger waxed nubuck leather, both featuring soft-touch suede liner, matching anodized aluminum Lunatik iPod Nano housing and stainless steel hardware. LunaTik's Chicago Collection iPod Nano watch straps are available to pre-order for $129.95, and are expected to ship in mid June.

Extend Your Smartphone To Your Wrist With The Cookoo Watch

You're busy with your daily life and you have urgent messages and calls that you don’t want to miss, but sometimes you just don’t hear your ringtone or feel your phone vibrate. It’s frustrating to check your phone and find that you have a bunch of messages or calls that you had no idea you recieved. ConnecteDevice has created a solution that will help you avoid all of these nuisances. The cookoo watch is a Bluetooth connected watch that will keep you updated with all of your latest messages and notifications all on the stylish clock face.

Even if you don’t have your phone on you, the cookoo watch will still notify you of your messages. This simple accessory can be customized and prioritized based on what you want. Using Bluetooth’s SMART technology, it will keep you connected with all of your daily updates. This Kickstarter project brings a simple concept and puts it onto your wrist to ensure you are always up-to-date. The best part is, you don’t have to recharge the cookoo watch everyday; the button-sized battery will last you the entire year. 

You can preorder the cookoo watch at Kickstarter beginning at $50, depending on your preference. It will be compatible with any Bluetooth SMART smartphones, such as the iPhone, the new iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, as well as many others.

The AnTik Analog Watch Fits Into Your LunaTik & TikTok Watch Bands

Chances are that you're already familiar with the LunaTik and TikTok watch band conversion kits for the iPod Nano that have made everyone lust over Apple's tiny Multi-Touch iPod. Up until recently, Minimal has been making quality watch bands for the iPod Nano until it decided to make its own clock dubbed the AnTik. But this time it isn't digital. The Antik is an analog clock module with a 2-hand Quarz movement and designed as a iPod Nano clone. Why? Because Minimal wants it to fit in all of its existing LunaTik and TikTok watch band accessories. The best part of all is that the AnTik is water-resistant for up to 30 meters. Minimal's creative yet more costly solution is swapping between your non-waterproof iPod Nano and the water-resistant AnTik when needed. The best of both worlds? We'll call it the costly way of doing things for the time being. 

The AnTik does look sharp there's no denying that. It's also designed with quality in mind just like all of Minimal's products. The AnTik is made with machined aluminum casing with a satin finish with a knurl textured, stainless steel adjustment crown and finished off with a hardened mineral crystal watch face.

We're a bit disappointed to see no efforts being made to create a waterproof LunaTik and TikTok watch bands to be used with the iPod Nano. There is however a rather ugly alternative for a waterproof iPod Nano watch band like the Proof. Don't get your hopes high just yet though, the AnTik is only a solid concept for now with no release date nor price announced just yet. We'll be sure to let you know once more details are released.

Nir Schneider


Turn Your iPod Nano Into A Waterproof Multi-Touch Bluetooth Watch

Wearing an iPod Nano watch might be the coolest touchscreen watch out there. That's until you need to wash your hands and such in water. If you don't plan on ruining your little iPod Nano with some water, you'll need to take a look at the Proof watch kit brining the world's first waterproof watch band to the iPod Nano. If that wasn't enough, the Proof also adds Bluetooth functionality to the Nano so you could wirelessly stream your music. Comprised out of a IP68 graded sealed, waterproof polyurethane casing coated with silicone for use in depth of up to 3m, and a thick strap made out of flexible silicone. The Proof allows for full control of your iPod Nano's touchscreen and side buttons.

The Proof comes with three side adapter to perform different tasks. The largest of them is the Bluetooth adapter adding a considerable amount of bulk to the side of your waterproof iWatch gadget, a non-waterproof adapter will let you use your headphones while a low-profiled adapter offers complete waterproof protection, can be used when you want to wear your iWatch as a daily watch. This might not be the most appealing watch band kit for the iPod Nano we've seen before, but at least it's the first waterproof and Bluetooth enabled one.

The Proof is available to pre-order without the Bluetooth adapter on Kickstarter for $49, and $99 with a Bluetooth adapter. Both are expected to retail for $79.5 and $129.95.