Deckster Time:Piece iPod Nano Watch Band Strikes Nostalgia

Meet the Deckster Time:Piece, a stylish iPod Nano watch conversion accessory with a hint of nostalgia that stresses that it is made in North America. But not just another watch band, the Time:Piece is a premium iPod Nano watch band made out of machined aluminum housing paired with the most amazing recycled rubber wrist straps made out of rubber tire tubes and motorcycle tires that are finished with stitched trimming. Each one of these is made unique and assymbled by hand. You've never seen this much awesomeness in an iPod Nano watch band guaranteed. These watch bands turn your iPod Nano into a worthwhile timepiece with some retroness thrown in like a cassette tape inspired loading mechanism called the Pop+Lock, which lets you easily slide in your iPod Nano in and out of the Time:Piece using a dual push or slide switch button that smoothly flips open and closes shut like an old-school cassette door 

Deckter's Time:Piece is one of the most expensive iPod Nano watch bands we've seen to date and come in a few different aluminum color finishes along with wrist straps ranging from leather to tire tread rubber for $150 to $165 Canadian. Now that's pricy. On second thought, Made in China sounds much better. Check out the video below!

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Turn Your iPod Nano Into A Waterproof Multi-Touch Bluetooth Watch

Wearing an iPod Nano watch might be the coolest touchscreen watch out there. That's until you need to wash your hands and such in water. If you don't plan on ruining your little iPod Nano with some water, you'll need to take a look at the Proof watch kit brining the world's first waterproof watch band to the iPod Nano. If that wasn't enough, the Proof also adds Bluetooth functionality to the Nano so you could wirelessly stream your music. Comprised out of a IP68 graded sealed, waterproof polyurethane casing coated with silicone for use in depth of up to 3m, and a thick strap made out of flexible silicone. The Proof allows for full control of your iPod Nano's touchscreen and side buttons.

The Proof comes with three side adapter to perform different tasks. The largest of them is the Bluetooth adapter adding a considerable amount of bulk to the side of your waterproof iWatch gadget, a non-waterproof adapter will let you use your headphones while a low-profiled adapter offers complete waterproof protection, can be used when you want to wear your iWatch as a daily watch. This might not be the most appealing watch band kit for the iPod Nano we've seen before, but at least it's the first waterproof and Bluetooth enabled one.

The Proof is available to pre-order without the Bluetooth adapter on Kickstarter for $49, and $99 with a Bluetooth adapter. Both are expected to retail for $79.5 and $129.95.

SwitchEasy Releases Ticker for iPod Nano 6G

Looks like almost all the popular case company's are starting to make watch cases for the new iPod Nano. SwitchEasy's new case, the Ticker, definitely stands out from the pack with it's simple design and vibrant array of colors. The Ticker is made from a special Elastomer material that features a stainless steel strap pin as well as hard polycarbonate buttons for some very tactile response. The Ticker comes in seven different colors and is currently available on SwitchEasy's website for $24.99.

Source: SwitchEasy