What Apple's Rumored iWatch Smart Watch Could Look Like

All this smart watch talk is beginning to inspire some amazing new concepts of what Apple's rumored iWatch smart watch could turn out to be in real life. The latest and most intriguingly beautifully simplistic concepts was done by Thomas Bogner, and it's basically an all-black Nike FuelBand-inspired piece that looks a little like Apple's discontinued Bluetooth Headset only formed as wristband gadget with a single concave button seamlessly integrated into the rubber-like tapered band which features a curved glass touchscreen display complete with sleek sweeping transition effects, and modes that effortlessly switch between detailed interfaces like legible iOS-like text message strings and full time and date amongst other tailored apps. It almost seems like the perfect, non-gimmicky smart watch concept ever created that actually mirrors some of the iPhone's functionalities right on its wide curved display. You know you want one, and we'll take one too please.

Nir Schneider


Samsung Races To Develop A Smartwatch Because It Can


Smartwatches are now like an upcoming boy band. They're increasingly becoming insanely popular, whilst grabbing the attention of some of the world's largest and notable tech companies. Lately, rumors are pointing that Samsung is also working on a smartwatch of its own that'll compete with what else? Apple's rumored, and highly anticipated iWatch. Samsung's rumored touchscreen smartwatch is dubbed the Galaxy Altius, and from what we can tell, it looks pretty slick. That is if this so called concept will see the light of day.

Other than displaying some typical "smart" features along with modern digital watch face, the concept image above may very well share a similar design language with that of the purported Altius smartwatch - in that it'll have a removable module which will fit into various interchangeable wrist bands, and presumably other accessories similar to that of Motorola's MotoACTV. Apparently, someone has also leaked a few screenshots of the Galaxy Altius' OS and user interface, but those were quickly called out as fakes. Judging by Samsung's push for new products, we can only assume the Galaxy Altius will officially be revealed sooner rather than later.

Nir Schneider


LunaTik Chicago Collection Turns Your iPod Nano Into A Classy Leather Timepiece

LunaTik has introduced a new line of classy wrist straps made for the iPod Nano 6 and 7-Gen called the Chicago Collection, a LunaTik aluminum iPod Nano housing that incorporates artesian-crafted leather wrist bands made by the Horween Leather Company. The Chicago Collection watch straps are made from top grain hide with accent stitching and lined with soft-touch suede for added comfort as oppose to LunaTik's original use of silicone rubber straps.

LunaTik's Chicago Collection is available in a Black Horween Chromoexcel Original pull-up leather as well as in a Dusty Oatmeal Horween Outrigger waxed nubuck leather, both featuring soft-touch suede liner, matching anodized aluminum Lunatik iPod Nano housing and stainless steel hardware. LunaTik's Chicago Collection iPod Nano watch straps are available to pre-order for $129.95, and are expected to ship in mid June.

Turn Your iPod Nano Into A Waterproof Multi-Touch Bluetooth Watch

Wearing an iPod Nano watch might be the coolest touchscreen watch out there. That's until you need to wash your hands and such in water. If you don't plan on ruining your little iPod Nano with some water, you'll need to take a look at the Proof watch kit brining the world's first waterproof watch band to the iPod Nano. If that wasn't enough, the Proof also adds Bluetooth functionality to the Nano so you could wirelessly stream your music. Comprised out of a IP68 graded sealed, waterproof polyurethane casing coated with silicone for use in depth of up to 3m, and a thick strap made out of flexible silicone. The Proof allows for full control of your iPod Nano's touchscreen and side buttons.

The Proof comes with three side adapter to perform different tasks. The largest of them is the Bluetooth adapter adding a considerable amount of bulk to the side of your waterproof iWatch gadget, a non-waterproof adapter will let you use your headphones while a low-profiled adapter offers complete waterproof protection, can be used when you want to wear your iWatch as a daily watch. This might not be the most appealing watch band kit for the iPod Nano we've seen before, but at least it's the first waterproof and Bluetooth enabled one.

The Proof is available to pre-order without the Bluetooth adapter on Kickstarter for $49, and $99 with a Bluetooth adapter. Both are expected to retail for $79.5 and $129.95.

LunaTik Lynk Aluminum iPod Nano Watch Band Looks Too Good

The people who started it all, the same guys who brought us the brilliant iPod Nano conversion watch band kits made out of high quality materials and glamorous design have yet another fascinating watch band in the pipeline for the iPod Nano called the LunaTik Lynk. This is not your typical watch band accessory. The LunaTik Lynk might be the Omega of iPod Nano watch bands. It's made up from the original aluminum LunaTik permanent conversion kit designed for those who want to wear their Nanos as an everyday multi-touch iWatch, but the LunaTik Lynk replaces the silicone rubber wrist band with for an upgraded lightweight anodized aluminum band with a silicone underbelly for added comfort and a classy butterfly closure clasp. 

The LunaTik Lynk will be available for the iPod Nano 6G and 7G in silver or black. You can pre-order yours now and expect your eye-catching Lynk to ship out on December 5 if you want to put those 16 new clock faces to good use at $129.95 for silver and $139.95 for black. 

Apple Drops iPod Nano Price, Adds New Watch Faces

Today's Let's Talk iPhone event wasn't all about the iPhone after all with Apple dropping the price of the Multi-Touch iPod Nano down to $129 for the 8GB model and $149 for the 16GB model. Apple hasn't changed the overall design of the Nano, but it did get rid of that quad-icon grid interface for a sleeker larger single icon interface. Also, a built-in accelerometer will replace the Nike shoe sensor for keeping track of how much calories you've burnt, distance, number of steps and time.

The new iPod Nano now comes with a slew of 16 new clock faces that will make wearing your new iWatch that much more better. It seems Apple has brought back the faith in the dying wrist watch accessories for its little touchscreen enabled iPod Nano. Current iPod Nano 6G owners can now download the 1.2 software update in iTunes starting today adding the new user interface together with the 16 new clock faces, so get downloading! The updated iPod Nano is now shipping at full blast.

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TakTik Disguises Your Nano iWatch With Camouflage

Minimal's high quality LunaTik wrist bands for the iPod nano 6G have come a long way since they were funded thru Kickstarter. Minimal's latest LunaTik variation is called the TakTik, a premium iPod nano 6G watch conversion kit. Each TakTik silicone band has its own unique camo pattern while the anodized aluminum iPod nano housing and solid stainless steel hardware all remain the same as any LunaTik. Camouflaging doesn't come cheap though, the TakTik will run you a hefty $99.95. So next time you go out hunting, just use a G-Shock.

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