What Apple's Rumored iWatch Smart Watch Could Look Like

All this smart watch talk is beginning to inspire some amazing new concepts of what Apple's rumored iWatch smart watch could turn out to be in real life. The latest and most intriguingly beautifully simplistic concepts was done by Thomas Bogner, and it's basically an all-black Nike FuelBand-inspired piece that looks a little like Apple's discontinued Bluetooth Headset only formed as wristband gadget with a single concave button seamlessly integrated into the rubber-like tapered band which features a curved glass touchscreen display complete with sleek sweeping transition effects, and modes that effortlessly switch between detailed interfaces like legible iOS-like text message strings and full time and date amongst other tailored apps. It almost seems like the perfect, non-gimmicky smart watch concept ever created that actually mirrors some of the iPhone's functionalities right on its wide curved display. You know you want one, and we'll take one too please.

Nir Schneider