Lunatik AQUATIK: The Best Looking Waterproof iPhone 6 Case

This is Lunatik's new AQUATIK case. Arguably the best looking and sleekest waterproof case for the iPhone 6. It's the first waterproof case we've seen that actually doesn't look like one, but rather more like an ordinary stylish protective case thanks to its low-profile and slim design. Don't let the sleek design fool you though because the AQUATIK is built using some tough engineering that meets or exceeds IP68 technical specs and military 810G drop test standards. Billed as Lunatik's slimmest ultra-protective case, the AQUATIK features refined rounded edges, articulating vibrate/mute switch and optimized button tactility, and an easy snap-in two-piece installation design similar to that of a LifeProof case.

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TakTik Extreme, Strike iPhone 5 Cases Make The Toughness Grade

Following up on its TakTik case for the iPhone 4S, LunaTik had plans to release an iPhone 5 equivalent and now it revealed the details of not one, but two extremely tough and innovative TakTik cases for the iPhone 5. The TakTik Strike is designed to encase your iPhone 5 under drop and impact protective layers using LunaTik's unique 9mm thick silicone truss suspension housed inside a steel-bolted, high-impact ballistic polymer bezel. It also features a weapon safety switch-inspired built-in silent switch, silicone covered buttons, hydrophobic membranes that protect the audio ports from water and dust - including water and dust-resistant sealed aluminum ports plugs which are said to be easily accessible.

It has it all. But if that's not enough protection for you, then the $125 TakTik Extreme (below) takes all of that and adds a Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection built into the bezel providing additional shatter protection without compromising touchscreen sensitivity in case your iPhone 5 gets dropped down a cliff when you go mountain climbing. At CES 2013, LunaTik also announced a less extreme and more of an every-day iPhone 5 case called the Seismik Suspension Frame which is based on the silicone truss system featured in the TakTik series at $35. LunaTik did not talk about the expected release date for its new iPhone 5 case lineup.

LunaTik Reveals Its Unique iPhone 5 Case Lineup

LunaTik made its grand debut when launched the world's first premium aluminum made watch kits for Apple's iPod nano in late 2010. Now that Apple ceased the iWatch revelation when it released the redesigned 7th generation iPod nano, LunaTik is strongly focused on making styluses and most recently, iPhone 5 cases. The guys at iLounge were lucky enough to get their hands on one of LunaTik's new Seismik iPhone 5 suspension-frame case ahead of its CES debut. The slim - albeit wide and tall drop protective $35 case, is a hybrid of hard plastic and shock absorbing rubber designed with a colorful smoked backing, and a unique truss suspension perimeter featuring a built-in vibrate switch and covered buttons.

LunaTik will debut the following protective cases in multiple colors at CES 2013: 

The TAKTIK EXTREME case - Premium Protection System with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for iPhone 5. TAKTIK EXTREME offers the highest level of overall protection in our TAKTIK Series.  EXTREME delivers refined and ultra-rugged protection from impact, drops, and screen damage as well as water and dust ingression. Featuring an industry-first Corning Gorilla Glass lens, EXTREME provides ultimate shatter protection without compromising touchscreen responsiveness. 

The TAKTIK STRIKE case - Designed to protect from the most extreme impacts and drops. STRIKE features the same patent-pending shock absorbing 9mm Impact Truss and ballistic bezels as TAKTIK EXTREME, as well as sealed audio and charging ports.

The SEISMIK case - Suspension Frame for iPhone 5. SEISMIK is built for the unexpected everyday drops in life.  SEISMIK utilizes the same patent-pending Impact Truss system of the TAKTIK series, providing a lean and mean case with serious drop protection for the iPhone.

The FLAK case - Dual-Layer Protection for iPhone 5. FLAK is lightweight armor for your iPhone constructed out of two low profile layers of protection. With an internal soft TPU material and an external hard polycarbonate outer shell, the materials create a thin, protective jacket for the iPhone. 

In addition to the ‘Protect’ series of iPhone 5 cases, LunaTik will also have ‘Create’ products on hand. These include the dual-mode Touch Pen, designed for seamless analog/digital workflow, and the new Chubby Stylus for artists of all ages. LunaTik has yet to announce an official date of availability for its iPhone 5 case lineup, but we're confident it'll be in late January.

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TakTik By LunaTik, Most Bad Ass iPhone Case

LunaTik's TakTik is the most bad ass, most over-engineered iPhone case we've ever seen to date. And it even looks like it'll serve you as some self defence weapon with all of that aura of toughness surrounding it. LunaTik wants to redefine protection with the TakTik case, but it also looks like it managed to redefine the case designs of today too. LunaTik's TakTik is done right from all angles and doesn't skimp on any little detail.

It features a shockproof suspension system featuring a 9mm Impact Truss silicone perimeter compressed between two durable Ballistic polymer bezels or anodized aluminum bezels depending on the TakTik case model you end up getting. The front bezel includes an adhered compression seal liner to protect from rain seeping into the case. The rear of the case features an unobstructed camera opening that maintains brilliant photo and flash quality almost as if the case wasn't there. This sandwich construction compresses the silicone truss with the help of multiple steel torx screws creating a suspension system to cradle your iPhone like the precious baby it is.

Ports including mic and speaker holes are completely sealed against the threat of water with Gore Acoustic audio pass-thru membrane technology and rubber gasket plugs. The TakTik also features a machined aluminum headphone port hinge cover that was inspired by Panerai watches. The dock connector port plug is also made out of machined aluminum ensuring durability and better sealing that won't fail after daily usage. Finally, a small patent-pending silent button inspired by a gun safety switch will let you easily activate your vibrate switch on and off. Despite the bulk of this case, every single feature of the iPhone has been dearly taken care of with ingenious attention to detail by LunaTik.

The TakTik case can also be upgraded to have a tough Gorilla Glass screen protector complete with anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings in order to provide another layer of screen protection that isn't going to impede on sensitivity or on your finger-smooth gliding action. LunaTik's TakTik case for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is available to pre-order via Kickstarter starting at $75 (will retail for $100), in white, black, silver and anodized aluminum colors. LunaTik is also promising a TakTik case for the upcoming iPhone 5. Head over to the TakTik product page for more. Catch the video after the break!

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LunaTik Chicago Collection Turns Your iPod Nano Into A Classy Leather Timepiece

LunaTik has introduced a new line of classy wrist straps made for the iPod Nano 6 and 7-Gen called the Chicago Collection, a LunaTik aluminum iPod Nano housing that incorporates artesian-crafted leather wrist bands made by the Horween Leather Company. The Chicago Collection watch straps are made from top grain hide with accent stitching and lined with soft-touch suede for added comfort as oppose to LunaTik's original use of silicone rubber straps.

LunaTik's Chicago Collection is available in a Black Horween Chromoexcel Original pull-up leather as well as in a Dusty Oatmeal Horween Outrigger waxed nubuck leather, both featuring soft-touch suede liner, matching anodized aluminum Lunatik iPod Nano housing and stainless steel hardware. LunaTik's Chicago Collection iPod Nano watch straps are available to pre-order for $129.95, and are expected to ship in mid June.

LunaTik Touch Pen, A Hybrid Pen Stylus You'll Always Use

We've seen styluses being reengineering time and time again with no end in sight. LunaTik, the same guys behind the successful Kickstarter project that has changed the way people wear the iPod Nano as an iWatch, have recently starter a new Kickstarter project under the LunaTik name for a stylus. This time a stylus that serves a multiple purpose. The LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen is of course going to be made out of aircraft grade aluminum along with a die cast clip that is hard coated with PVD plating, high-grade silicone rubber finger grip surface and a unique dual mode tip that is the sole reason why LunaTik's Touch Pen project has already surpassed the initial funding goal within a few days.

Not just another dual rubber tip though, the Touch Pen's dual tip allows you to use any touchscreen device as well as write on paper with a single click as you normally would with any ball point pen. The best of both worlds in one pen. That trumps all other styluses with versatility and eliminating the need of owning separate tools. In the meantime, you'll be able to grab the Alloy Touch Pen in a silver anodized aluminum body configuration for $30, while the all-plastic version of the Touch Pen will run you $30 for a two pack. Video after the jump!

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The AnTik Analog Watch Fits Into Your LunaTik & TikTok Watch Bands

Chances are that you're already familiar with the LunaTik and TikTok watch band conversion kits for the iPod Nano that have made everyone lust over Apple's tiny Multi-Touch iPod. Up until recently, Minimal has been making quality watch bands for the iPod Nano until it decided to make its own clock dubbed the AnTik. But this time it isn't digital. The Antik is an analog clock module with a 2-hand Quarz movement and designed as a iPod Nano clone. Why? Because Minimal wants it to fit in all of its existing LunaTik and TikTok watch band accessories. The best part of all is that the AnTik is water-resistant for up to 30 meters. Minimal's creative yet more costly solution is swapping between your non-waterproof iPod Nano and the water-resistant AnTik when needed. The best of both worlds? We'll call it the costly way of doing things for the time being. 

The AnTik does look sharp there's no denying that. It's also designed with quality in mind just like all of Minimal's products. The AnTik is made with machined aluminum casing with a satin finish with a knurl textured, stainless steel adjustment crown and finished off with a hardened mineral crystal watch face.

We're a bit disappointed to see no efforts being made to create a waterproof LunaTik and TikTok watch bands to be used with the iPod Nano. There is however a rather ugly alternative for a waterproof iPod Nano watch band like the Proof. Don't get your hopes high just yet though, the AnTik is only a solid concept for now with no release date nor price announced just yet. We'll be sure to let you know once more details are released.

Nir Schneider