TakTik By LunaTik, Most Bad Ass iPhone Case

LunaTik's TakTik is the most bad ass, most over-engineered iPhone case we've ever seen to date. And it even looks like it'll serve you as some self defence weapon with all of that aura of toughness surrounding it. LunaTik wants to redefine protection with the TakTik case, but it also looks like it managed to redefine the case designs of today too. LunaTik's TakTik is done right from all angles and doesn't skimp on any little detail.

It features a shockproof suspension system featuring a 9mm Impact Truss silicone perimeter compressed between two durable Ballistic polymer bezels or anodized aluminum bezels depending on the TakTik case model you end up getting. The front bezel includes an adhered compression seal liner to protect from rain seeping into the case. The rear of the case features an unobstructed camera opening that maintains brilliant photo and flash quality almost as if the case wasn't there. This sandwich construction compresses the silicone truss with the help of multiple steel torx screws creating a suspension system to cradle your iPhone like the precious baby it is.

Ports including mic and speaker holes are completely sealed against the threat of water with Gore Acoustic audio pass-thru membrane technology and rubber gasket plugs. The TakTik also features a machined aluminum headphone port hinge cover that was inspired by Panerai watches. The dock connector port plug is also made out of machined aluminum ensuring durability and better sealing that won't fail after daily usage. Finally, a small patent-pending silent button inspired by a gun safety switch will let you easily activate your vibrate switch on and off. Despite the bulk of this case, every single feature of the iPhone has been dearly taken care of with ingenious attention to detail by LunaTik.

The TakTik case can also be upgraded to have a tough Gorilla Glass screen protector complete with anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings in order to provide another layer of screen protection that isn't going to impede on sensitivity or on your finger-smooth gliding action. LunaTik's TakTik case for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is available to pre-order via Kickstarter starting at $75 (will retail for $100), in white, black, silver and anodized aluminum colors. LunaTik is also promising a TakTik case for the upcoming iPhone 5. Head over to the TakTik product page for more. Catch the video after the break!

Nir Schneider