The Next iPhone Will Feature NFC Support?

9to5mac reported that NFC (Near Field Communication) is allegedly coming to the next iPhone sometime this fall. The integration of NFC to the iPhone has been in the rumor mills for quite some time now, first appearing with the announcement of the iPhone 4. Now, there has been evidence found in the latest hardware codes that points towards a NFC controller inside the next iPhone. 

NFC technology can be easily tied in with the latest announcement of Apple's Passbook. You can make transcations wirelessly, instead of having to scan any barcodes off of the screen. Aside from swiping plane tickets and gift cards, you will also be able to make purchases with your credit card through NFC-compatible registers. If you wanted to swap contact information with new business partners or friends, you can easily do that just by simply being close to each other. The potential for quick and easy information sharing is endless.