Spigen Releases iPhone 5S Cases With Air Cushion Protection

Although not officially announced, Spigen has taken the liberty to start naming its new cases as iPhone 5S compatible. And of course, presumably there won't be any design differences, any iPhone 5S case will also be backwards compatible with the iPhone 5. Spigen has released what it claims to be its most protective and rugged case yet, the Tough Armor - a dual-layer Slim Armor-follow up case featuring a TPU layer with air-gap corners that help absorb shock and impacts as well as a hard outer polycarbonate shell. Lastly, an extra thick lip periphery will protect the iPhone's screen even when using a tempered glass screen protector. Spigen claims that its Touch Armor case is thinner and less bulkier than some of Otterbox's extremely protective cases, yet even so it offers the same amount of protection thanks to how it has been designed. The Touch Armor case is now available for $30 in multiple colors, and fits both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

Spigen's second new case release to feature its air cushioning technology is called the Ultra Hybrid, which is a slim combination of a shock-absorbing TPU band featuring Spigen's air-gap corner protection melded with a crystal clear hard polycarbonate back design. The Ultra Hybrid's TPU band creates an even raised protection on either side to help protect both the iPhone's screen as well as the clear hard polycarbonate back from getting scratched from various surfaces. Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, comes in black or gray and sells for $13.

TakTik Extreme, Strike iPhone 5 Cases Make The Toughness Grade

Following up on its TakTik case for the iPhone 4S, LunaTik had plans to release an iPhone 5 equivalent and now it revealed the details of not one, but two extremely tough and innovative TakTik cases for the iPhone 5. The TakTik Strike is designed to encase your iPhone 5 under drop and impact protective layers using LunaTik's unique 9mm thick silicone truss suspension housed inside a steel-bolted, high-impact ballistic polymer bezel. It also features a weapon safety switch-inspired built-in silent switch, silicone covered buttons, hydrophobic membranes that protect the audio ports from water and dust - including water and dust-resistant sealed aluminum ports plugs which are said to be easily accessible.

It has it all. But if that's not enough protection for you, then the $125 TakTik Extreme (below) takes all of that and adds a Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection built into the bezel providing additional shatter protection without compromising touchscreen sensitivity in case your iPhone 5 gets dropped down a cliff when you go mountain climbing. At CES 2013, LunaTik also announced a less extreme and more of an every-day iPhone 5 case called the Seismik Suspension Frame which is based on the silicone truss system featured in the TakTik series at $35. LunaTik did not talk about the expected release date for its new iPhone 5 case lineup.

LunaTik Reveals Its Unique iPhone 5 Case Lineup

LunaTik made its grand debut when launched the world's first premium aluminum made watch kits for Apple's iPod nano in late 2010. Now that Apple ceased the iWatch revelation when it released the redesigned 7th generation iPod nano, LunaTik is strongly focused on making styluses and most recently, iPhone 5 cases. The guys at iLounge were lucky enough to get their hands on one of LunaTik's new Seismik iPhone 5 suspension-frame case ahead of its CES debut. The slim - albeit wide and tall drop protective $35 case, is a hybrid of hard plastic and shock absorbing rubber designed with a colorful smoked backing, and a unique truss suspension perimeter featuring a built-in vibrate switch and covered buttons.

LunaTik will debut the following protective cases in multiple colors at CES 2013: 

The TAKTIK EXTREME case - Premium Protection System with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for iPhone 5. TAKTIK EXTREME offers the highest level of overall protection in our TAKTIK Series.  EXTREME delivers refined and ultra-rugged protection from impact, drops, and screen damage as well as water and dust ingression. Featuring an industry-first Corning Gorilla Glass lens, EXTREME provides ultimate shatter protection without compromising touchscreen responsiveness. 

The TAKTIK STRIKE case - Designed to protect from the most extreme impacts and drops. STRIKE features the same patent-pending shock absorbing 9mm Impact Truss and ballistic bezels as TAKTIK EXTREME, as well as sealed audio and charging ports.

The SEISMIK case - Suspension Frame for iPhone 5. SEISMIK is built for the unexpected everyday drops in life.  SEISMIK utilizes the same patent-pending Impact Truss system of the TAKTIK series, providing a lean and mean case with serious drop protection for the iPhone.

The FLAK case - Dual-Layer Protection for iPhone 5. FLAK is lightweight armor for your iPhone constructed out of two low profile layers of protection. With an internal soft TPU material and an external hard polycarbonate outer shell, the materials create a thin, protective jacket for the iPhone. 

In addition to the ‘Protect’ series of iPhone 5 cases, LunaTik will also have ‘Create’ products on hand. These include the dual-mode Touch Pen, designed for seamless analog/digital workflow, and the new Chubby Stylus for artists of all ages. LunaTik has yet to announce an official date of availability for its iPhone 5 case lineup, but we're confident it'll be in late January.

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Wacky iPhone 5 Cases For The Kid In You

Griffin's Kazoo and Animal Parade cases for the iPhone 5 are undoubtedly one of the most outrageously fun-tastic! cases you can find for the kid in you. Because we're pretty sure you wouldn't buy your own little child an iPhone 5 now would you. So these must be for the young, the very young at heart. Or then again, for your iPhone 5 wielding 5 year old. Both the $25 Kazoo and $20 Animal Parade series of iPhone 5 cases are made from durable, soft silicone and will provide scratch and knock protection.

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Unique Quirky iPhone 5 Cases

Quirky partnered up with Fab to release a series of unique and slim iPhone 5 cases. The $35 Crossover case (above) particularly caught our eye. It's a clip-on, bumper-esque case made from two customizable stretchy silicone bands that overlay each other to create a credit card slot around the back while also adding reinforced corner protection. 

Quirky's $35 Luminum is an aluminum iPhone 5 case that's designed to Apple's iPhone 5 specs which instruct not to cover the top and bottom areas with metal. The Luminum is an ulta-slim, minimalist case that was designed to compliment the original look of the iPhone 5. It features a brushed aluminum mid section available in silver, copper and black - with plastic ends coated with a rubbery finish. Quirky's line of iPhone 5 cases are available to pre-order, but are expected to ship in 5-6 weeks.

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Musubo's Retro iPhone 5 Case Looks Like A Slick 50s Mic

iPhone 5 cases are beginning to hit the market by storm. You should expect all your favorite case designs from the manufactures you came to know and love to transfer over from the iPhone 4/S and simmer down to fit the iPhone 5. Musubo's unique range of iPhone 5 cases are starting to take a slimmer yet familiar shape. The Retro case we've had the chance to review is now ready to protect your iPhone 5 in retro 50s microphone style. It features a protective dual-layer design with a strong polycarbonate exterior shell and a soft silicone inner layer. Musubo has announced that its Retro case along with many other cases for the iPhone 5 will be available in October in multiple colors for $35.

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Case-Mate Teases With iPhone 5 Cases

We previously reported that Case-Mate had put up a notification page letting its customers know that it'll have iPhone 5 cases ready as soon as the iPhone 5 will be released. Case-Mate has recently released its renders for its iPhone 5 cases and how they will look like on the radically redesigned iPhone 5. Is Case-Mate really desperate for some free coverage or does it really have reliable inside information as to the specific design and dimensions of the iPhone 5? Investing time and money in designing these iPhone 5 cases sure does look like Case-Mate actually have concrete information. From these iPhone 5 renders, it looks like the back side is designed similarly to the iPad 2 using aluminum. Case-Mate has since removed its iPhone 5 cases page. Rumors point out to an early October release of the much anticipated iPhone 5.

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