Musubo's Retro iPhone 5 Case Looks Like A Slick 50s Mic

iPhone 5 cases are beginning to hit the market by storm. You should expect all your favorite case designs from the manufactures you came to know and love to transfer over from the iPhone 4/S and simmer down to fit the iPhone 5. Musubo's unique range of iPhone 5 cases are starting to take a slimmer yet familiar shape. The Retro case we've had the chance to review is now ready to protect your iPhone 5 in retro 50s microphone style. It features a protective dual-layer design with a strong polycarbonate exterior shell and a soft silicone inner layer. Musubo has announced that its Retro case along with many other cases for the iPhone 5 will be available in October in multiple colors for $35.

Nir Schneider