TakTik Extreme, Strike iPhone 5 Cases Make The Toughness Grade

Following up on its TakTik case for the iPhone 4S, LunaTik had plans to release an iPhone 5 equivalent and now it revealed the details of not one, but two extremely tough and innovative TakTik cases for the iPhone 5. The TakTik Strike is designed to encase your iPhone 5 under drop and impact protective layers using LunaTik's unique 9mm thick silicone truss suspension housed inside a steel-bolted, high-impact ballistic polymer bezel. It also features a weapon safety switch-inspired built-in silent switch, silicone covered buttons, hydrophobic membranes that protect the audio ports from water and dust - including water and dust-resistant sealed aluminum ports plugs which are said to be easily accessible.

It has it all. But if that's not enough protection for you, then the $125 TakTik Extreme (below) takes all of that and adds a Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection built into the bezel providing additional shatter protection without compromising touchscreen sensitivity in case your iPhone 5 gets dropped down a cliff when you go mountain climbing. At CES 2013, LunaTik also announced a less extreme and more of an every-day iPhone 5 case called the Seismik Suspension Frame which is based on the silicone truss system featured in the TakTik series at $35. LunaTik did not talk about the expected release date for its new iPhone 5 case lineup.