Spigen Intros Champagne Gold Tough Armor, Neo Hybrid, Ultra Hybrid Slim EX iPhone 5s Cases

If the golden brushed aluminum Saturn iPhone 5s case wasn't enough, Spigen has come out with new champagne gold colored editions of its most popular hybrid dual-layered cases that perfectly match and compliment the new gold iPhone 5s. Spigen's $29 Ultra Hybrid Slim EX Metal bumper case reveals the iPhone 5s' golden aluminum design while the $30 Neo Hybrid (middle) and $25 Tough Armor (right) cases offer the most drop and impact protection out of the three, and feature a two-tone light gold and black colorway. Spigen's new champagne gold iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 cases are available now, but are expected to start shipping in mid-October.

Treat Your iPhone 5S With The Solace Case By Element Case

Element Case's latest case, the Solace, is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The Solace combines cues from Element Case's Ronin and the now discontinued Vapor Comp hybrid machined aluminum cases to form an all-new body constructed out of one durable polycarbonate-made chassis featuring CNC machined aluminum top and bottom crowns, as well as integrated control buttons. The Solace case has a sleek and slim profile that is finished off with a metallic matte soft-touch coating creating an enhanced tactile grip.

Like the Ronin, the Solace provides an ergonomic grip thanks to its bowed shape and uses the same four-screw design for installation. Element Case's Solace case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is available now in satin black, pearl gray metallic, deep blue metallic and Italian red for $80.  

Apple's Official iPhone 5S Case & iPhone 5C Case


Planning on grabbing one of Apple's newest iPhones? Then you'll be happy to know that Apple has created an official protective case for both the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S that fit like glove and supposedly feel great to hold as well. For the iPhone 5C's colorful lineup, Apple's iPhone 5C Case features a complimenting vibrant design with a quirky see-through circular pattern around the back that lets the iPhone 5C's glossy color poke through creating many color combination possibilities. Made out of a silicone material, the iPhone 5C Case has a matte and smooth rubbery finish that's available in six different colors.

Inside, the iPhone 5C Case features a microfiber lined interior and drilled speaker holes creating a tight protective encasement that's slim and form-fitting. You'll be able to pre-order and grab Apple's official iPhone 5C Case for $29 on September 13 along with the iPhone 5C, or once it's released on September 20. 

For the iPhone 5S, Apple has appropriately gone with a more sophisticated route with the official iPhone 5S Case to compliment the elegant design of the device. Apple's iPhone 5S Case is entirely made out of genuine leather for a luxurious experience and has a slim, minimalist design. Offered in six different, calming leather colors - the iPhone 5S Case features integrated buttons and protects the iPhone 5S all around including coverage for its chamfered bezel.

Inside, the iPhone 5S Case also features the same microfiber interior lining as the iPhone 5C Case as well as drilled speaker and mic holes. Like the iPhone 5C Case, you'll be able to pick one of these up on September 20 for $39. Apparently both cases are compatible with Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Lightning Dock. Apple has also confirmed with us that all current iPhone 5 cases will work with the new iPhone 5S, but not with the iPhone 5C which is designed differently.

Spigen Releases iPhone 5S Cases With Air Cushion Protection

Although not officially announced, Spigen has taken the liberty to start naming its new cases as iPhone 5S compatible. And of course, presumably there won't be any design differences, any iPhone 5S case will also be backwards compatible with the iPhone 5. Spigen has released what it claims to be its most protective and rugged case yet, the Tough Armor - a dual-layer Slim Armor-follow up case featuring a TPU layer with air-gap corners that help absorb shock and impacts as well as a hard outer polycarbonate shell. Lastly, an extra thick lip periphery will protect the iPhone's screen even when using a tempered glass screen protector. Spigen claims that its Touch Armor case is thinner and less bulkier than some of Otterbox's extremely protective cases, yet even so it offers the same amount of protection thanks to how it has been designed. The Touch Armor case is now available for $30 in multiple colors, and fits both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

Spigen's second new case release to feature its air cushioning technology is called the Ultra Hybrid, which is a slim combination of a shock-absorbing TPU band featuring Spigen's air-gap corner protection melded with a crystal clear hard polycarbonate back design. The Ultra Hybrid's TPU band creates an even raised protection on either side to help protect both the iPhone's screen as well as the clear hard polycarbonate back from getting scratched from various surfaces. Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, comes in black or gray and sells for $13.