Wacom Intros Bamboo Mini Stylus

Wacom has released an ultra-portable capacitive-touch stylus smaller than the average pinky. The Bamboo mini stylus is a shorter, albeit chubbier copy of Wacom's original popular Bamboo stylus that measures only 1.85-inches tall and can be carried around with you at all times thanks to its corded 3.5mm plastic adapter that plugs into your tablet or smartphone's headphone port so you'll have a harder time misplacing it when you're not using it. The Bamboo mini stylus comes in six colors for $14, and features a 6mm rubber nib with a durable brass metal construction finished with a grippable soft-touch surface for comfrtable use. You can grab one now over at Wacom's website.

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HAND Stylus Clicky Pen With Retractable Fine Tip

Finally, a true pen-stylus! This is the HAND Stylus, a capacitive touchscreen stylus that wants to be as precise as possible with the world's most smallest, fine rubber tip at 4mm. It also features a balanced aluminum hexagon body that'll remind you of the good old days when we used those yellow pencils, knurled fingertip grip area and it has a removable stainless-steel pocket clip that can magnetically cling to the bezel of an iPad or Smart Cover.

But what really sets the HAND Stylus apart from all the rest is its ability to retract the stylus tip with a click of a button. You know, like an actual clicky pen. The retractable tip not only remains protected while not in use, it wears more evenly due to even rotation every time it is retracted. The HAND Stylus is available in a host of matte and shiny anodized colors and is now up for pre-order at Kickstarter for $25.

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Sensu's Two-in-One Paintbrush Stylus

With the release of the “new iPad,” Apple has attracted the attention of many artists. App developers are creating more and more apps for drawing and note-taking. It is difficult to create quality artwork just by using your fingertips, so Sensu created a new product solving that exact problem. The Sensu Brush is both a paintbrush and traditional stylus fused together into a lightweight and attractive design. This modern tool will be a great addition to your iPad and will be available in May for $39.99.

Adonit Intros Jot Touch & Jot Mini Styluses

The stylus saga continues as Adonit revealed its latest styluses at CES 2012. Adonit's Jot Touch is the next step, more featured stylus to the company's original Jot Pro stylus that we took a look at a while back. Adonit has really stepped it up this time and has implemented hardware and software to co-interact with one another with the Jot Touch. It features the same clear precision plastic disk tip that lets you see more precisely, beautiful machined aluminum body, Bluetooth connectivity that makes the Jot Touch fully sensitive to pressure when writing and drawing works of art on capacitive touchscreens as well as making it compatible with virtually every platform such as Windows, iOS and Android; a built-in rechargeable battery is said to last 12 hours on a single charge and charges up when docked in the included portable USB charging base.

But one of the more noticeable addition are two short cut buttons located at the rubbery finger grip area making it a serious stylus professionals would want to use. Adonit isn't clear whether these short cut buttons can be assigned different tasks, but it's safe to say that some kind of customization will be available via an app.

Then there's Adonit's second new stylus called the Jot Mini, a shorter version of what Adonit now calls the Jot Classic, which features a smaller clear precision plastic disk tip and a sliced portion in the aluminum body that acts as a neat shirt clip and is ideal for pocket carry and a definite kid-friendly stylus too. Adonit plans to release the Jot Touch in March for just under $100. No price is available for the Jot Mini as of yet.

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LunaTik Touch Pen, A Hybrid Pen Stylus You'll Always Use

We've seen styluses being reengineering time and time again with no end in sight. LunaTik, the same guys behind the successful Kickstarter project that has changed the way people wear the iPod Nano as an iWatch, have recently starter a new Kickstarter project under the LunaTik name for a stylus. This time a stylus that serves a multiple purpose. The LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen is of course going to be made out of aircraft grade aluminum along with a die cast clip that is hard coated with PVD plating, high-grade silicone rubber finger grip surface and a unique dual mode tip that is the sole reason why LunaTik's Touch Pen project has already surpassed the initial funding goal within a few days.

Not just another dual rubber tip though, the Touch Pen's dual tip allows you to use any touchscreen device as well as write on paper with a single click as you normally would with any ball point pen. The best of both worlds in one pen. That trumps all other styluses with versatility and eliminating the need of owning separate tools. In the meantime, you'll be able to grab the Alloy Touch Pen in a silver anodized aluminum body configuration for $30, while the all-plastic version of the Touch Pen will run you $30 for a two pack. Video after the jump!

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Estylo Magnetic Wooden Stylus For The Artist In You

Having seen our fair share of styluses of many different shapes and sizes, this one is yet another uniquely shaped stylus made for capacitive touchscreen devices with a greener and echo friendly approach. While other styluses only want to be made out of cold aluminum, the Estylo is made out of wood and even claims to be the first and only stylus that is made from wood. It was mainly designed for artists who use tablets like the iPad, but pencil lovers will also come to appreciate the Estylo's wooden pencil-like characteristics. Much like the Stylo, the Estylo features a highly conductive dual-tip design that will let you achieve between 5 to 70 degree angles without having to put any pressure down on your screen. Unfortunately, it isn't clear out of what material the tip is made out of.

The Estylo comes in 8 colors with embedded magnets that let you cling it to your iPad 2's bezel or Smart Cover. You can pre-order the non-magnetic Estylo for only $8 while the more colorful magnetic Estylo models can be had for $13. Video after the break.

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Stylo Aluminum Stylus, The Future Of All Styluses

Another stylus made for the iPad 2 and other capacitive touchscreen devices was introduced to the world via Kickstarter, only this time it's different. While many styluses on the market were designed after a pen or pencil, the Stylo looks like it has been designed in the future. Instead of creating a rounded rubber tip which almost any stylus now days has, the guys over at Just Think Design thought this one out hard and long and designed the Stylo stylus to have a dual-end double slanted flat rubber and foam tip design and a streamlined aluminum body with built-in rare earth magnets so that it can magnetically cling onto the iPad 2's bezel or Smart Cover for easy storage and transport.

The Stylo is heading towards the right direction with forward thinking and different approach to what styluses today are able to bring to the table. There's no knowing whether the fixed angled tip of the Stylo works better than the more traditional ball point tip, we'll just have to wait and see. You can pre-order the Stylo in silver and black for $20 over at Kickstarter. Video after the jump!

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