Adonit Intros Jot Touch & Jot Mini Styluses

The stylus saga continues as Adonit revealed its latest styluses at CES 2012. Adonit's Jot Touch is the next step, more featured stylus to the company's original Jot Pro stylus that we took a look at a while back. Adonit has really stepped it up this time and has implemented hardware and software to co-interact with one another with the Jot Touch. It features the same clear precision plastic disk tip that lets you see more precisely, beautiful machined aluminum body, Bluetooth connectivity that makes the Jot Touch fully sensitive to pressure when writing and drawing works of art on capacitive touchscreens as well as making it compatible with virtually every platform such as Windows, iOS and Android; a built-in rechargeable battery is said to last 12 hours on a single charge and charges up when docked in the included portable USB charging base.

But one of the more noticeable addition are two short cut buttons located at the rubbery finger grip area making it a serious stylus professionals would want to use. Adonit isn't clear whether these short cut buttons can be assigned different tasks, but it's safe to say that some kind of customization will be available via an app.

Then there's Adonit's second new stylus called the Jot Mini, a shorter version of what Adonit now calls the Jot Classic, which features a smaller clear precision plastic disk tip and a sliced portion in the aluminum body that acts as a neat shirt clip and is ideal for pocket carry and a definite kid-friendly stylus too. Adonit plans to release the Jot Touch in March for just under $100. No price is available for the Jot Mini as of yet.

Nir Schneider