Ten One Design's Magnus Aluminum Stand Magnetically Clings Your iPad 2

Prepare to be blown away with this amazing, magical stand made specifically for the iPad 2. Ten One Design has revealed its Magnus stand at CES 2012. This aluminum slab of wonderness is designed to attach magnetically to the embedded magnets within the iPad 2 to keep a very sleek profile showing no visible support for a gravity defying work of art. The Magnus has to be one of the most innovative iPad 2 stands we've ever seen. Which begs the question, why didn't Apple make such an awesome stand? The Smart Cover was great and all, but this. This is something better. 

The Magnus stand has rubber feet at its base and will only work with a naked or skinned iPad 2 in the landscape orientation. So when can you grab yours? Good thing the Magnus is available for the taking right now for $49.95.

Nir Schneider