Stylo Aluminum Stylus, The Future Of All Styluses

Another stylus made for the iPad 2 and other capacitive touchscreen devices was introduced to the world via Kickstarter, only this time it's different. While many styluses on the market were designed after a pen or pencil, the Stylo looks like it has been designed in the future. Instead of creating a rounded rubber tip which almost any stylus now days has, the guys over at Just Think Design thought this one out hard and long and designed the Stylo stylus to have a dual-end double slanted flat rubber and foam tip design and a streamlined aluminum body with built-in rare earth magnets so that it can magnetically cling onto the iPad 2's bezel or Smart Cover for easy storage and transport.

The Stylo is heading towards the right direction with forward thinking and different approach to what styluses today are able to bring to the table. There's no knowing whether the fixed angled tip of the Stylo works better than the more traditional ball point tip, we'll just have to wait and see. You can pre-order the Stylo in silver and black for $20 over at Kickstarter. Video after the jump!


Nir Schneider