HAND Stylus Clicky Pen With Retractable Fine Tip

Finally, a true pen-stylus! This is the HAND Stylus, a capacitive touchscreen stylus that wants to be as precise as possible with the world's most smallest, fine rubber tip at 4mm. It also features a balanced aluminum hexagon body that'll remind you of the good old days when we used those yellow pencils, knurled fingertip grip area and it has a removable stainless-steel pocket clip that can magnetically cling to the bezel of an iPad or Smart Cover.

But what really sets the HAND Stylus apart from all the rest is its ability to retract the stylus tip with a click of a button. You know, like an actual clicky pen. The retractable tip not only remains protected while not in use, it wears more evenly due to even rotation every time it is retracted. The HAND Stylus is available in a host of matte and shiny anodized colors and is now up for pre-order at Kickstarter for $25.

Nir Schneider