Radically Redesigned iPod Nano Announced

Today was a big day not only for the iPhone, but also for Apple's iPod lineup. The 7th generation iPod Nano has been completely redesigned once again. It features a 2.5" multi-touch screen with the resolution of 240x432 (202ppi) to display what appears to be a completely new UI as well. It is obvious that the Nano has taken many of its design cues from the iPhone, such as the home button. The new Nano has an aluminum unibody frame and is even slimmer than the new iPod touch with the thickness of just 0.21-inches (5.4mm), and features a white glass front. Some other features include Bluetooth and an FM tuner. The new iPod Nanos will also come with Apple's latest lightning connector.

Along with the newly redesigned iPod itself, you can expect to find the new "EarPods" that will start to accompany Apple's mobile devices in place of the old Apple earphones.  

The iPod Nano is available in 7 different vibrant colors and only in 16GB at $149 beginning sometime in October. They will be available for preorder on Apple's website on September 14th, along with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. 

LunaTik Lynk Aluminum iPod Nano Watch Band Looks Too Good

The people who started it all, the same guys who brought us the brilliant iPod Nano conversion watch band kits made out of high quality materials and glamorous design have yet another fascinating watch band in the pipeline for the iPod Nano called the LunaTik Lynk. This is not your typical watch band accessory. The LunaTik Lynk might be the Omega of iPod Nano watch bands. It's made up from the original aluminum LunaTik permanent conversion kit designed for those who want to wear their Nanos as an everyday multi-touch iWatch, but the LunaTik Lynk replaces the silicone rubber wrist band with for an upgraded lightweight anodized aluminum band with a silicone underbelly for added comfort and a classy butterfly closure clasp. 

The LunaTik Lynk will be available for the iPod Nano 6G and 7G in silver or black. You can pre-order yours now and expect your eye-catching Lynk to ship out on December 5 if you want to put those 16 new clock faces to good use at $129.95 for silver and $139.95 for black.