Turn Your iPad Nano Into A Classy Pocket Watch With iPocketWatch

Wearing your iPod Nano as a watch just got boring. With the iPocketWatch you can class up your geekyness like the olden days. The iPocketWatch was designed by an Australian industrial designer and is machined from aluminum and designed with to be slim enough to effortlessly slip in and out of that small jeans pocket of yours. I always thought that small pocket was meant to keep small change, but as it turns out, it's actually a specially designed watch pocket first introduced by Levi Strauss (Levi's) and that's a fact.

The iPocketWatch comes with an 11-inch (30cm) long metal chain with a belt hook and is available in two different variants, one a square facia and the other a round facia. Both designed to fit over the many watch faces of the iPod Nano and retain full access to all of the iPod Nano's ports and buttons including the back clip. The iPocketWatch is currently a crowdfunding project like Kickstarter so you'll be able to pre-order yourself one of these for $39 and hope it'll reach its funding goal so you can keep time the old school way.

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Deckster Time:Piece iPod Nano Watch Band Strikes Nostalgia

Meet the Deckster Time:Piece, a stylish iPod Nano watch conversion accessory with a hint of nostalgia that stresses that it is made in North America. But not just another watch band, the Time:Piece is a premium iPod Nano watch band made out of machined aluminum housing paired with the most amazing recycled rubber wrist straps made out of rubber tire tubes and motorcycle tires that are finished with stitched trimming. Each one of these is made unique and assymbled by hand. You've never seen this much awesomeness in an iPod Nano watch band guaranteed. These watch bands turn your iPod Nano into a worthwhile timepiece with some retroness thrown in like a cassette tape inspired loading mechanism called the Pop+Lock, which lets you easily slide in your iPod Nano in and out of the Time:Piece using a dual push or slide switch button that smoothly flips open and closes shut like an old-school cassette door 

Deckter's Time:Piece is one of the most expensive iPod Nano watch bands we've seen to date and come in a few different aluminum color finishes along with wrist straps ranging from leather to tire tread rubber for $150 to $165 Canadian. Now that's pricy. On second thought, Made in China sounds much better. Check out the video below!

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Apple Announces First Generation iPod Nano Replacement Program

Do you have a first generation iPod Nano that’s on its last legs? Well good news for you Apple has announced a replacement program to address an issue (in “very rare cases”) which may cause your Nano to over heat and possibly cause serious safety risk.

Apple recommends that you stop using your iPod Nano immediately and follow the process directions to receive your new iPod Nano free of charge. Those of you with the first generation Nano can fill out a claim form to confirm eligibility for a replacement. 

Click below to see the full press release.

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LunaTik Lynk Aluminum iPod Nano Watch Band Looks Too Good

The people who started it all, the same guys who brought us the brilliant iPod Nano conversion watch band kits made out of high quality materials and glamorous design have yet another fascinating watch band in the pipeline for the iPod Nano called the LunaTik Lynk. This is not your typical watch band accessory. The LunaTik Lynk might be the Omega of iPod Nano watch bands. It's made up from the original aluminum LunaTik permanent conversion kit designed for those who want to wear their Nanos as an everyday multi-touch iWatch, but the LunaTik Lynk replaces the silicone rubber wrist band with for an upgraded lightweight anodized aluminum band with a silicone underbelly for added comfort and a classy butterfly closure clasp. 

The LunaTik Lynk will be available for the iPod Nano 6G and 7G in silver or black. You can pre-order yours now and expect your eye-catching Lynk to ship out on December 5 if you want to put those 16 new clock faces to good use at $129.95 for silver and $139.95 for black. 

Apple Drops iPod Nano Price, Adds New Watch Faces

Today's Let's Talk iPhone event wasn't all about the iPhone after all with Apple dropping the price of the Multi-Touch iPod Nano down to $129 for the 8GB model and $149 for the 16GB model. Apple hasn't changed the overall design of the Nano, but it did get rid of that quad-icon grid interface for a sleeker larger single icon interface. Also, a built-in accelerometer will replace the Nike shoe sensor for keeping track of how much calories you've burnt, distance, number of steps and time.

The new iPod Nano now comes with a slew of 16 new clock faces that will make wearing your new iWatch that much more better. It seems Apple has brought back the faith in the dying wrist watch accessories for its little touchscreen enabled iPod Nano. Current iPod Nano 6G owners can now download the 1.2 software update in iTunes starting today adding the new user interface together with the 16 new clock faces, so get downloading! The updated iPod Nano is now shipping at full blast.

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First Steps Taken to Hacking iPod Nano

When Steve Jobs announced the brand new iPod nano in September with an interface that looked like iOS, everyone was thinking how long or how easy it would be to hack and put custom apps onto the new nano. And the first steps have been taken towards making this a reality as on a flight home, James Whelton booted up an iPod nano with a modified SpringBoard plist file that "removed" an app from the screens and replaced it with a blank space. Now you might be thinking, is that it. Well yes it is, but don't get to sad, as this could be the first step on the long road that leads to even more hacking, jailbreaking and installing custom apps that we dreamed of when steve announced it in september. See the demo video below.

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HEX Watch Band for iPod Nano 6G, Still Not Waterproof

HEX is brining you iPod nano 6G owners another selection of silicone bands to help you with your digital nano watch endeavours. These watch bands will also allow you to plug-in your headphones when you realize that you're draining all your battery life leaving that screen on all the time. You can pick the HEX Watch Band in nine colors for $24.95. 

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