Turn Your iPad Nano Into A Classy Pocket Watch With iPocketWatch

Wearing your iPod Nano as a watch just got boring. With the iPocketWatch you can class up your geekyness like the olden days. The iPocketWatch was designed by an Australian industrial designer and is machined from aluminum and designed with to be slim enough to effortlessly slip in and out of that small jeans pocket of yours. I always thought that small pocket was meant to keep small change, but as it turns out, it's actually a specially designed watch pocket first introduced by Levi Strauss (Levi's) and that's a fact.

The iPocketWatch comes with an 11-inch (30cm) long metal chain with a belt hook and is available in two different variants, one a square facia and the other a round facia. Both designed to fit over the many watch faces of the iPod Nano and retain full access to all of the iPod Nano's ports and buttons including the back clip. The iPocketWatch is currently a crowdfunding project like Kickstarter so you'll be able to pre-order yourself one of these for $39 and hope it'll reach its funding goal so you can keep time the old school way.

Thanks for the tip, Edwin!

Nir Schneider