Radically Redesigned iPod Nano Announced

Today was a big day not only for the iPhone, but also for Apple's iPod lineup. The 7th generation iPod Nano has been completely redesigned once again. It features a 2.5" multi-touch screen with the resolution of 240x432 (202ppi) to display what appears to be a completely new UI as well. It is obvious that the Nano has taken many of its design cues from the iPhone, such as the home button. The new Nano has an aluminum unibody frame and is even slimmer than the new iPod touch with the thickness of just 0.21-inches (5.4mm), and features a white glass front. Some other features include Bluetooth and an FM tuner. The new iPod Nanos will also come with Apple's latest lightning connector.

Along with the newly redesigned iPod itself, you can expect to find the new "EarPods" that will start to accompany Apple's mobile devices in place of the old Apple earphones.  

The iPod Nano is available in 7 different vibrant colors and only in 16GB at $149 beginning sometime in October. They will be available for preorder on Apple's website on September 14th, along with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. 

Logitech Debuts Wireless Touchpad, The Trackpad For PC Desktops

PC users can finally enjoy the desktop experience of using a wireless trackpad of which Mac users have been enjoying ever since Apple released its Magic Trackpad. Logitech's latest peripheral is called the Wireless Touchpad, and it's a much bulkier and less streamline wireless trackpad for desktop use than its Magic Trackpad rival. Logitech's Wireless Touchpad features a wide 5" multi-touch finger tracking surface for various different types of multi-touch gestures similar to what is possible on the Magic Trackpad and packs an impressive 4 month battery life. Although the Wireless Touchpad is more affordable at $49.99, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity that forces you to make room for its tiny 2.4Ghz USB wireless receiver. The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is expected to be available later this week.

Nir Schneider


Multi-Touch Gestures Finally Coming to iPad


With the release of the iOS 4.3 beta, several new features have been released for developers to test. A common complaint with the multi-tasking on the iPad is that double clicking the home button doesn't feel as natural as the iPhone/iPod touch. However, Apple has finally added the function to use four or five fingers for gestures. As shown in the picture above, swiping left or right moves between the open apps you have, while swiping up/down opens/closes the multi-tasking bar. When you use all four/five fingers to pinch in, you are taken straight back to your home screen. Simple, right? This feature feels very natural by utilizing the iPad's bigger screen, and should be a great addition to the iPad's growing features. 

Multi-Touch Watches Are Coming, Very Soon

We've seen many companies jump on the idea of transforming the iPod nano 6G into a wearable watch, but things are just getting bigger and bigger when MINIMAL, a design company is starting to take things to a whole new level. Meet the TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch watch kits made to house the iPod nano and use it as a Multi-Touch wrist watch. The LunaTik seen above, houses the iPod nano in a CNC'd aluminum housing and features a silicone rubber wrist band with solid stainless steel. Now these are not some cheaply made watch kits, these are the best of the best and are priced at $69.95.

You can also go with the cheaper and more simple TikTok Multi-Touch watch kit that has a snap-in design. It let's you securely dock your iPod nano inside. The TikTok does not have any aluminum parts and will retail for $34.95. MINIMAL, the company behind these are planning to start shipping the TikTok model by late December and the LunaTik by mid-January. You will need to pledge beforehand if you want to secure one of these for yourselves, and the good news is that you can secure the TikTok for just $25 and the LunaTik for $50.


Nir Schneider