Multi-Touch Watches Are Coming, Very Soon

We've seen many companies jump on the idea of transforming the iPod nano 6G into a wearable watch, but things are just getting bigger and bigger when MINIMAL, a design company is starting to take things to a whole new level. Meet the TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch watch kits made to house the iPod nano and use it as a Multi-Touch wrist watch. The LunaTik seen above, houses the iPod nano in a CNC'd aluminum housing and features a silicone rubber wrist band with solid stainless steel. Now these are not some cheaply made watch kits, these are the best of the best and are priced at $69.95.

You can also go with the cheaper and more simple TikTok Multi-Touch watch kit that has a snap-in design. It let's you securely dock your iPod nano inside. The TikTok does not have any aluminum parts and will retail for $34.95. MINIMAL, the company behind these are planning to start shipping the TikTok model by late December and the LunaTik by mid-January. You will need to pledge beforehand if you want to secure one of these for yourselves, and the good news is that you can secure the TikTok for just $25 and the LunaTik for $50.


Nir Schneider