Microsoft Surface Tablet Priced At $200, Slated To Release On October 26

According to an inside source who attended Microsoft's recent conference where talks surrounding the launch details of the much anticipated Surface tablet pointed towards a groundbreaking, and very much affordable $200 price point for Microsoft's 32GB Surface RT tablet, and an October 26 launch date. At that kind of low-balling price point, Microsoft's Surface tablet will directly compete against Google's and Amazon's Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire tablets, if not completely annihilating them altogether.

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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets Announced: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft has unveiled its new Surface tablet today. The new tablet will come in two flavors running a version of Windows 8. The first is a 10.6-inch, 9.3mm thick Surface tablet powered by Windows 8 RT and equipped with an ARM processor made by Nvidia. It features front and back HD cameras, a tough Gorilla Glass 2 made ClearType HD capacitive touchscreen display, built-in kickstand, an all-magnesium VaporMg-made Liquidmetal chassey construction. The Surface tablet with Windows 8 RT will come in 32GB and 64GB capacities.

Microsoft's second Surface tablet model will by powered by Windows 8 Pro, boasting a nearly identical design albeit with a thicker profile at 13.5mm-thick with an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor, a full 1080p HD 10.6-inch display and a bigger battery under the robust magnesium enclosure. Also, it'll come in larger storage capacities than the Surface tablet running Windows 8 RT, with 64GB and 128GB capacities. 

Microsoft has also managed to pull of an Apple move in introducing some Smart Cover-like accessories for its two Surface tablets while improving greatly on Apple's magical tablet cover. The Touch Cover is a 3mm thin, pressure sensitive cover that doubles as a fully functioning Multi-Touch keyboard and trackpad. It magnetically connects to the Surface tablet ala-Smart Cover, with a single magnetic clicking connection. And what do you know, it'll come in five vibrant colors. And if you prefer a more traditional, clicky keyboard cover, Microsoft gottchya back with its Type Cover. It's slightly thicker at 5mm thick, and also features a Multi-Touch trackpad. Microsoft hasn't announced any details on pricing or availability yet. Full Surface tablet spec lists, video and more tablet goodness after the break!

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Logitech Debuts Wireless Touchpad, The Trackpad For PC Desktops

PC users can finally enjoy the desktop experience of using a wireless trackpad of which Mac users have been enjoying ever since Apple released its Magic Trackpad. Logitech's latest peripheral is called the Wireless Touchpad, and it's a much bulkier and less streamline wireless trackpad for desktop use than its Magic Trackpad rival. Logitech's Wireless Touchpad features a wide 5" multi-touch finger tracking surface for various different types of multi-touch gestures similar to what is possible on the Magic Trackpad and packs an impressive 4 month battery life. Although the Wireless Touchpad is more affordable at $49.99, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity that forces you to make room for its tiny 2.4Ghz USB wireless receiver. The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is expected to be available later this week.

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Apple Replacing Unibody MacBook Bottoms

Apple has started up a new program called the "MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program", and offering to replace the bottom of any affected white unibody MacBook purchased between October 2009 and April 2011 free of charge. The issue is with the bottom rubber surface of the white unibody MacBook that may separate due to issues with the glue that was used. If your MacBook is affected, you've got two options to get yours fixed. Take it into an Apple Retail Store and have it fixed there or you can do it yourself by ordering the free replacement kit online from Apple complete with screws, a screwdriver and instruction. I say do it yourself.

Razer Shows Some Love With New Aluminum Ironclad Mouse Mat

Gamers love Razer for their awesome gaming accessories, especially their huge gaming mats. Razer are finally selling an all new solid anodized aluminum gaming mouse mat called the Ironclad. As you would expect from Razer, the Ironclad has an ultra smooth, sandblasted surface so that your mouse will easily glide across. The aluminum construction is durable so that wear and tear are a thing of the past.. The Ironclad is pretty massive at 320mm x 270mm and it's 2.5mm thick. Now Mac users will have a matching gaming accessory! The Ironclad mat is now shipping for $59.99.

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