Apple Replacing Unibody MacBook Bottoms

Apple has started up a new program called the "MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program", and offering to replace the bottom of any affected white unibody MacBook purchased between October 2009 and April 2011 free of charge. The issue is with the bottom rubber surface of the white unibody MacBook that may separate due to issues with the glue that was used. If your MacBook is affected, you've got two options to get yours fixed. Take it into an Apple Retail Store and have it fixed there or you can do it yourself by ordering the free replacement kit online from Apple complete with screws, a screwdriver and instruction. I say do it yourself.

Bretford Mobility Cart Isn't Your Ordinary Snack Cart

No this isn't a train snack cart full of MacBooks. It's a Mobility Cart built by Bretford used to securely transport up to 30 MacBooks and iPads in places like higher education institutions. It can smartly charge 10 Macs at once in a rapid charge with a push of a button and charge Macs that are in need of juice without hurting other Macs that are already fully charged. The entire cart only uses one power cord to power the whole operation. The price for one of these? $1,800. 


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OWC Now Offering 16GB Memory Upgrade Kit

OWC recently announced new 16GB memory upgarde kit for Apple latest 2011 MacBooks consisting of two 8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM. This of course, will cost you a whopping $1,600, yes you can buy a second MacBook for that kind of money. The maximum memory upgrade offered by Apple is 8GB of RAM and OWC also offers a 12GB upgrade kit consisting of one 8GB module and one 4GB module for $880. The kits are available now.

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MacBook Pro's Updated.

As all the rumors have been saying, the Macbook Pro's are going to be updated. This was true, there is defiantly a lot of changes. Instead of going with an NVIDIA GeForce GT GPUs they have now switched to AMD's Radeon HD GPU which are more powerful. The Macbook Pro does not have the rumored 16GB SSD 'boot drive' as a standard option. Intel has launched there new 'Light Peak' platform on the Macbook Pro's. It is right next to the USB ports and looks like a mini display port. This is a multipurpose connector that can transfer data up to 10Gbps but we will half to see what the real bench marks are. Also the iSight cameras have been updated to 'FaceTime HD' camera which is supposbly wide screen and much better resolution. The trackpads have been scaled up a little bit accross all the models. Also last thing is that all CPU's have been upgraded to Intel's 'Sand Bridge', lets just hope there not the defective ones.

Rumor: New Macbooks Pros Feature OS X on SSD, Larger Trackpads?


There have been tons of rumors floating around about Macbook Pro refresh with updated hardware, but that was mostly about Intel Sandy Bridge processors. There has now been another 'rumor' floating around that the new MacBook Pros are going to have a SSD drive 8-16GB boot drive that will only house OS X, applications and system files. This would be pretty cool since this might be using the same instant on that the Macbook Air has and this would also give a nice pep to the Macbook Pros. All the other data would be stored on a separate hard drive inside the system. Another 'rumor' is that the Macbook Pro's is larger trackpads. supposable this could open to easier, and more options for complex gestures. We will hopefully see sometime this week if any of these rumors are true, and if a new Macbook Pro refresh is true. Hopefully it is since its follows Apple's refresh timeline.

Incase Rolls Out Protective Sleeve Deluxe for Macbooks

Incase has release updated neoprene sleeves for Apple Macbooks in 15" and 17" flavors. The new Protective Sleeve Deluxe features an outside zippered pocket to store your iPhone, cables and/or power adapter. But wait, it doesn't stop here, if you're to lazy to take out your Macbook to charge it you can simply unzip the dedicated zipper that gives you access to your Magsafe port to charge whilst your Macbook sits all cozy and warm inside the faux-leather lined interior.

The Incase Protective Sleeve Deluxe still remains to be a form-fitting neoprene sleeve we all know and love. You can pick one up in black or white for $49.95.

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