Rumor: New Macbooks Pros Feature OS X on SSD, Larger Trackpads?


There have been tons of rumors floating around about Macbook Pro refresh with updated hardware, but that was mostly about Intel Sandy Bridge processors. There has now been another 'rumor' floating around that the new MacBook Pros are going to have a SSD drive 8-16GB boot drive that will only house OS X, applications and system files. This would be pretty cool since this might be using the same instant on that the Macbook Air has and this would also give a nice pep to the Macbook Pros. All the other data would be stored on a separate hard drive inside the system. Another 'rumor' is that the Macbook Pro's is larger trackpads. supposable this could open to easier, and more options for complex gestures. We will hopefully see sometime this week if any of these rumors are true, and if a new Macbook Pro refresh is true. Hopefully it is since its follows Apple's refresh timeline.