Retina Display Macbook Pros Are Impossible To Repair

The Retina Display and the form factor on the next-generation Macbook Pros are nothing short from amazing, but iFixit recently revealed this revolutionary product's internals and uncovered unfortunate results. The internal design of these Macbook Pros are completely custom to Apple, the SSDs utilize different connectors that are not compatible with third party SSDs, and the RAM is soldered onto the logic board. The MVP of the entire laptop would be its beautiful display, but if you're not careful, you'll have to get yourself a brand new laptop. Without any extra glass in front of the display, damage to the screen would be completely irreplaceable.To further prevent any customizability for us consumers, Apple aligned and set the battery cells directly on top of crucial cables.

It seems like Apple is pushing customers to purchasing upgrades through them directly. It is a shame that the Pro line cannot be self-upgraded as a lot of us look forward to the customizability of adding additional RAM or more harddrive space. 

OWC Now Offering 16GB Memory Upgrade Kit

OWC recently announced new 16GB memory upgarde kit for Apple latest 2011 MacBooks consisting of two 8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM. This of course, will cost you a whopping $1,600, yes you can buy a second MacBook for that kind of money. The maximum memory upgrade offered by Apple is 8GB of RAM and OWC also offers a 12GB upgrade kit consisting of one 8GB module and one 4GB module for $880. The kits are available now.

Nir Schneider