Twelve South Introduces HiRise For Your iMac, Apple Display

Twelve South has been known for their gorgeous product designs that matches those of Apple, and their latest addition is no exception. The HiRise is an adjustable stand for your iMac or Thunderbolt display as well as a built-in storage area for your external hard drives and other gadgets. The product looks similar to the Mac Pro's design and would fit right in with your Apple set up. 

It has been a common problem for a lot of iMac users who are looking for just a little bit of a lift on their huge screen estate for a more comfortable experience but just can't find the right height or accessory. This is where the HiRise shines; it is adjustable to a number of heights to fit just about everyone's needs and it looks amazing. 

The front face plate features a magnetic seal so just simply pull down to access whatever you chose to put inside the HiRise. The simplicity and functionality is great for anybody looking to prop their iMacs or Thunderbolt displays up a little higher and to gain much more storage space for their gadgets. 

The HiRise comes in at $79.99 and is available through Twelve South's website. Catch the video after the jump to see the HiRise in action.

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Seagate Acquires LaCie For $186 Million

If you have recently looked into Thunderbolt connectivity, then you might have come across the blazingly fast speeds that LaCie’s Thunderbolt Series Hard Drives promises. Being one of the few companies to have produced Thunderbolt capable products, LaCie caught the attention of a lot of major computer geeks, as well as Seagate, one of the largest data storage manufacturers today. They recently acquired the French storage company for a reported $186 million. Mixing LaCie’s premium storage products with Seagate’s massive customer base, we should be looking forward to some major releases from Seagate.

Google Joins The Cloud With Google Drive

Google has recently announced its new Google Drive that allows you to store anything you want and to be able to access them anywhere you want. Everything is brilliantly integrated for ease of use – just drag and drop whatever you want right to the cloud! Aside from just storing your documents, you can also share them with your friends. Just choose from your contacts and instantly, everybody sees what you see!

 The convenience and functionality Google Drive offers is a great tool for anybody! Best of all, it’s free (for 5GB of storage). It is currently available for PC, Mac, and Android platforms with iOS apps coming soon.

Iomega Unleashes Mac Companion Desktop Hard Drive

Iomega has released the ultimate desktop hard drive for Mac users called the Mac Companion, the first hard drive to feature a high-powered USB port you can use to charge up that power hungry iPad of yours. You would think Iomega would somehow add a Thunderbolt port to the drive, but instead, the Mac Companion desktop hard drive packs two FireWire 800 and a pair of USB ports that act as a USB hub for your other gadgets. Iomega's Mac Companion is available in a few different flavor capacities including a 2TB 7200RPM version for $195 as well as a massive 3TB 7200RPM version running for $295. To top it all off, an LED capacity gauge on the front lets you know how much space you've got left. Back that Mac up peoples!

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Time Capsule Updated To 2TB and 3TB Versions


This morning, along with the announcements of Final Cut Pro X, Apple has quietly updated Time Capsule to 2TB and 3TB models. There doesn’t seem to be any new features other than just the difference hard drive capacities.

USB Film Rolls Should Be Your Only Photo Storage

What will they think of next? These USB Film Rolls looks just like the real thing. Oh that's because they are in fact real film rolls that got recycled up and were packed with a 4GB memory chip that can store up to a thousand of your pictures. Possibly the best part about these recycled USB Film Rolls is that you can never know which branded film roll you will get if you purchase one. You'll just have to wait to find out. How exciting! $20 will get you one of these awesome USB Film Rolls. I hope they still smell of that addicting film smell.

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Intel Announced 3rd Gen SSDs With Lower Prices

Intel just announced a new line of SSDs called the 320 series, and with that new lowered price points. Intel's SSDs are now much more attractive with the new price points that follow:

  • 40GB for $89
  • 80GB for $159
  • 120GB for $209
  • 160GB for $289
  • 300GB for $529
  • 600GB for $1,069

These prices remain much higher than normal HDDs but it's good to know that prices are beginning to come down since last year. You can pick one of these up at your local retailer such as Best Buy and Frys as well as online at Newegg and Amazon.

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