Seagate Acquires LaCie For $186 Million

If you have recently looked into Thunderbolt connectivity, then you might have come across the blazingly fast speeds that LaCie’s Thunderbolt Series Hard Drives promises. Being one of the few companies to have produced Thunderbolt capable products, LaCie caught the attention of a lot of major computer geeks, as well as Seagate, one of the largest data storage manufacturers today. They recently acquired the French storage company for a reported $186 million. Mixing LaCie’s premium storage products with Seagate’s massive customer base, we should be looking forward to some major releases from Seagate.

FreedomPop Offers Free 4G Connectivity

Well… Sort of. FreedomPop has created an alternative to users who are tight on their monthly data plans. They are offering 500 MB of data on Clearwire’s 4G WiMAX network for free. With anything that is free, there is always a catch. Their iPhone case that provides said “free” data will cost you a whopping $99. Aside from 500 MBs of data, it is also capable of providing up to an extra 6 hours of battery life. FreedomPop is currently taking pre-orders on their website.

Apple Outs Thunderbolt-To-Thunderbolt Cable

Apple has finally released a Thunderbolt cable today with a nice price tag to match it at $49. What's it good for you ask? How about blazing fast data transfer speeds of 10Gbps. There's not much you can use this Thunderbolt cable for right now. There are very few devices and peripherals that support this technology at the moment, but you can use it to connect your Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro with your iMac and use it as an external display.

Nir Schneider