FreedomPop Offers Free 4G Connectivity

Well… Sort of. FreedomPop has created an alternative to users who are tight on their monthly data plans. They are offering 500 MB of data on Clearwire’s 4G WiMAX network for free. With anything that is free, there is always a catch. Their iPhone case that provides said “free” data will cost you a whopping $99. Aside from 500 MBs of data, it is also capable of providing up to an extra 6 hours of battery life. FreedomPop is currently taking pre-orders on their website.

Comcast Showing Off 1Gbp/s Internet Speeds, and New Xfinity TV

At Cable Show 2011, Comcasts CEO Brian Roberts showed off a demo of the company's latest improvements and upgrades. The presentation above shows off Xfinity TV with cloud processing and internet content from facebook and others. There was also a speed test running on Comcast production network that broke through the 1Gbps barrier. There is no word on when or if home users might see such speeds but Roberts quotes:

Comcast will keep up the pace as the internet continues to evolve

We will half to wait in the meantime to see if any of this comes true in Q3-Q4.