Iomega Unleashes Mac Companion Desktop Hard Drive

Iomega has released the ultimate desktop hard drive for Mac users called the Mac Companion, the first hard drive to feature a high-powered USB port you can use to charge up that power hungry iPad of yours. You would think Iomega would somehow add a Thunderbolt port to the drive, but instead, the Mac Companion desktop hard drive packs two FireWire 800 and a pair of USB ports that act as a USB hub for your other gadgets. Iomega's Mac Companion is available in a few different flavor capacities including a 2TB 7200RPM version for $195 as well as a massive 3TB 7200RPM version running for $295. To top it all off, an LED capacity gauge on the front lets you know how much space you've got left. Back that Mac up peoples!

Nir Schneider